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Friday, October 2, 2009

Costumes, Soup, and Fall

Shopping on the first of the month sucks. We needed food items, something we cannot seem to go without. Worse, we were almost out of coffee. After grabbing some ink at one store and ciggies at another, we went into Wally World. My grandson needs his Halloween costume. We called our daughter while standing in the the costume aisle to see what the little booger wants this year.

The grandson had said he wanted to be a monster this year. (laughing...) Whoo hoo! No TV super-heroes and the like! So we picked out the Werewolf costume and brought it home. We had picked up some other things to send to the kids and piled them in a box. I called our daughter in the evening, and damn if he said he prefers to be "Mario" from the old video game! Argh!

We took the costume back this morning to exchange it. Guess what? They are out of his size because he has once again wanted to be what all other little boys wanted to be this year. (sigh) I always did something different and made my costumes. I would love to make them for my grandson, but the things he wants to be are out of my ability range. He may have to settle for a sheet with holes at this point.

Last night I was up half the night making meatballs and chopping veggies, putting together my "Italian-ish Meatball Soup" and cramming it into my giant crockpot. I woke up to the smells of the soup. What a maddening scent! I had picked up roasted garlic bread from the grocery's bakery yesterday. Killer bread, especially slathered with butter.

When we got back from the costume-return jaunt, I made a cup of coffee and made a boxed cake, substituting milk for the water and melted butter for the oil. So I cheated somewhat on the cake. pfffttthhhh! I made my killer frosting. He was asleep on the couch, so He missed the licking of the spoon. I would of stuck my face into the pot and licked that but it was still early in the day and I was still not thinking clearly. I must have three cups of coffee in me before a brain cell wakes up.

This is a snapshot of one of many wild rose bushes that pop up in the spring here. It is covered in rose hips. I never got to harvesting any of them.
I have no idea as to what the plant above is. The "flowers" are the prettiest color, though.
The old stump has a couple of mushrooms coming up that make the stump look as if it has googlie eyes.
Why doesn't the various programs one uses to post have "grammer check" to compliment the "spell check"? I bet I would give the program a run for its money.


  1. Annie's girls are going to be devils, both of them. Their mother told them they didn't need costumes to do that.

    Like the stump and other photos. You are becoming incredible domestic in your old age "Crappy Nana." I still laugh at your initial projection at your potential for being a Nana. You have done good!

  2. It's Lavendar, Deb. lucky gal.


  3. I think that the flower looks like a liatris.

  4. Your flower posted is liatris.
    Happy to have found your ramblings......:-)