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Friday, November 27, 2009


I do not think I will be hungry for a month. No matter how small the dabs of the various flavors of Thanksgiving, it is still too much.

Thanks? Of course, I have many things to be thankful for- my home, enough food, heat when it is cold, my family and friends and many more things. No matter how awful something seems to be at the time, I try to picture what I do have, know that I have plenty and let the uglier stuff float on by.

We ended up buying the car from the local dealership up in Bonners. The car is green. It has more miles on it than we would prefer, but the price was right. We are still waiting for them to call about the missing cargo cover. I want that installed before we travel. We will be taking it in for servicing to a mechanic up the highway. I will not go on a long trip until that is done. Call me paranoid. It has a lot of bells and whistles we are not used to having, much to my mom's amusement. Weirdly, the only key-lock is on the driver's side. There is not a key-lock even on the back. It also does not have door lock knobs or whatever they are called. Weirder and weirder. It is comfortable for us and that is what is important. The seats lay completely back. No more curling up in the corner of the Ranger. With Maggie on my lap, yet.

I am usually done with any holiday shopping by now. This year is different. I barely have anything done. I did manage to get some beading done. Above is a beaded box done in beadpoint on Aida cloth. I did not measure before cutting and putting together the pieces for the box. Oh yes, it is too small for the deck I was making it for. I put "Síscéal" on the side, Irish Gaelic for "Fairy Tale". I made the design to go with the backs of the cards. I have no clue as how I want to secure the closure of the box. Since it does not fit any tarot deck I have, it will have to become something else.

Maggie had her dental surgery. Bloody hell! it was expensive. Two teeth fell out while cleaning and two teeth were removed. Poor old girl. She is getting over the whole thing quite well. Her new vet is very good. They did charge for "thermal support", aka a blanket. (sigh)

Speaking of teeth, my grandson finally lost his two front teeth. He was confused at the idea of sucking noodles through the space. It looks like we will have to show him the proper way to enjoy the loss until his permenent teeth come in. Nothing rude, at least from my side. (grin)


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