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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stalked by the AARP and other blather

I am being stalked by the AARP. I turned 50 last October and the...

"You are now officially Old as Dirt! Join now or you will get warts and other nasty ailments!"
...have been coming nonstop. WTF? I look in the mirror (with my glasses on), I see some silver in my hair, no wrinkles, nothing to suggest I am in line for the Death Boat. Okay... my glasses are literally rose-colored, but they do not hide anything but the glare of those nasty fluorescent bulbs, (they also bring on migraines). And darn if they are not more hazardous to throw away than the old bulbs. How is that "green"?

Oops. Went off on an odd rant. Maybe I am getting old.

The most prominent sign of Spring is here, the Great Blooming of the Purple Pansy in the Middle of the Driveway. Beautiful, isn't it? The stick-like things are pine needles. I did not fancy-up the "scene". Sitting on the gravel in my thin thermal "house" pants was about as far as I was willing to go to get a nice close-up.
Maggie, (obviously way past needing a bath), brought herself to look at me for a photo. She spent a few minutes turning away each time when I tried to snap the camera. You may be able to make out the one chicklet tooth left on "our" lower left view of her mouth. She is doing very well. She is still unsteady. We hope her muscle mass comes back soon. She may never have her full energy back. Dang. I did enjoy hearing her bark at the Evil Ducky when she wanted to play. (bite...lick...bite...lick...)

A photo of the beaded cell phone case is below. I tried. Dark red silver-lined beads are the design in a sea of black seed beads. Beads are hard enough to photo without making it worse with my color choices. Still... You may see the skull snowflake design in the middle. A skull is on the little flap. I put Velcro on the flap to keep the phone "restrained". The bag is lined in felt to protect the phone from the beads. It is heavy. I still like it.

Back to the last of the dragon series, Water Dragon. I hope to get decent photos when finished. I still have not decided what to do with the five panels. Maybe something clever will come to me when I finish.


  1. Well my dear welcome to the end stage of life. The AARP finally gave up on me. I think Geoffrey joining it derailed the quest for me. In all reality I have found that I get just as good discounts with my AAA card.

    I am well past the age of reason having just turned 61 and refuse to use my age as an excuse for needing help. Old Hippie? You bet!

    Maggie has a great mug, gotta love her. Loved the pansy too, would have loved a shot of you in your thermals on the gravel.

    Send me your address one more time. Forgot why I had it and deleted it. Maybe I need AARP after all!

  2. Very pretty cell phone case!

  3. I'm with you on the flourescent bulb thing.
    Now that I've got them all over the house, one of them died and I have to figure out what to do with it. I can't just toss it... and I'm not at all sure where/how to dispose of it.

  4. Terry- email me. I cannot find a current one or I will try to remember to call you this week.

    Anonymous- Thanks! The case is one of my favorite things I have done lately.

    Helen- contact your local garbage company. Hopefully they will not charge extra for "hazardous" waste. I still do not understand how that can be "green"...