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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crazy critters

What a weird week.

I am outside smoking a ciggie with Him and notice something odd about one squirrel feeder. There was a squirrel in it. I mean inside the feeder. He was screaming. This squirrel knows how to open the top. We know it could not really be stuck, so why was it doing that? We discussed the possibility of long poles to tip up the lid so we do not get attacked. A few musings later, the squirrel pops out and dashes after another squirrel that was way above it in the tree. Maybe it was laying in wait inside the feeder and became impatient? It was screaming at us to quit staring at it so we did not give away it was "hiding" in there? We will never know for sure.

A day or so later, He notices that a squirrel is in the fender-well of the Outback. When He claps his hands at it, it chatters back, shakes it's fist at Him and dashes... into the engine compartment. Oh great. He opens the hood and there is seed all over. It seems a squirrel decided it was a safe dining area. He used the beeper thingie and set off the alarm every so often for a few days, especially when He saw the squirrel making for the vehicle. We have a squirrel-free vehicle. so far.

He also found that something got into the container holding the black oil sunflower seeds. There are no holes. What ever got in had to of lifted the lid and put it back. A clever squirrel? Or a mouse that can somehow squeeze through a minute space with pushing from the lip? How did the lid lock down again?

Earlier last week a fat, tiny sparrow was hopping around on the ground. It hopped away from Maggie and continued pecking. It was so cute. It had a pale bluish-grey belly. I saw it later in the day and it was hopping around under the carport while it rained. It seemed "off", but I wasn't sure why. Sadly, He found it dead the next morn near another feeder. I do not know what was wrong. Nature has her ways, I guess. He also found a dead bird by the large container of bird seed. It was also a sparrow-like bird, but yellow and brown. We are worried about that. there was a lot of birds and we have no poisons around. So why the deaths?

I am two-thirds done with the beading of the cover for the Fairy Tale deck by Lisa Hunt. It is coming out nice. It is paler than the last attempt. I am not much into pastel stuff, but this may be okay.

I received the smaller Halloween Tarot. In a tin! It is not too small and shuffles nicely. And it is in a tin! I have not played with it much. It is in a tin! I like tins. A little. I so wish other decks came in nice tins. The Shadowscapes is on its way. Of course it will need a proper box. I am already planning out the pattern to go on that one. I will take photos as I finish.

In my best Zelda voice- "This house is clean!" Everything is laundered. Why? Who knows. Bored, maybe?

Maggie is doing very well. She is moving around much better-playing, sleeping and eating well. She gained almost a pound and we hope to get another on her. Her muscle-mass looks like it is recovering too. She does not go back for another month, then 6 months for another blood test. She has been okayed for the full beauty salon treatment. Finally. Pee-yew!

Question? Since when has Death become a side-effect?

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  1. Yeah for Ms. Maggie and you too. Sorry about the bird,strange ya know. And two thumbs up to the wild squirrel!