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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When rodents attack

Okay, no one has been attacked. It is a title that makes me laugh from TV. Paybacks and all that sort of thing.

Remember me mentioning a rodent was somehow getting into the seed bin? He put a "no see" trap into the bin. He caught the smallest mouse we have ever sort-of seen. You only see the tail, at worst. We also were dealing with a squirrel getting into our Outback and truck. The alarm no longer scares off the squirrel. We moved the feeder so it does not have to cross the open area, maybe keeping the squirrel from getting into the engine departments. So far, the squirrel has not appeared after screaming at us for daring to move HIS feeder.

So where was I...

The truck died after reaching the road when Himself was trying to take the garbage to the recycle/dump center. He had to have it towed back into our driveway. The battery was dead. We were told that the new gas with ethanol tends to "sour" quickly. People have to put an additive into the tanks if the vehicle is not driven much. Lovely, gas is twice the price and crappier in quality. I know, what is new about that? Anyway... He charges the battery and puts the additive into the truck. He then tries to start the truck. It starts for a moment and dies. He gets out The Truck Book, looking to see if the squirrel or rodent may of chewed a line or something. He found what was left of the air filter, shown below.

Yep, the mouse who is now dead made a nest in the air filter. He vacuumed out the muck and he has to get a new air filter. He checked the Outback. All is well- no chewed lines, shredded parts and the like.

We had an outrageous 10 minute storm the other day. The poor bird below was trying to dry out afterwards.
Butthead, as He calls the hummingbird below is still attacking and guarding the feeder. We plan on buying a couple of more and placing them around the property. There is no way he can protect them all at once. We had a black, white and red-throated teeny guy show up yesterday and this "butthead" ran it off. I will go out and stand by the feeder at times so the peridot-green guys can get in there. The aggressive guy will buzz me for daring to interfere. I cover my eyes and hope I do not end up in the hospital with a hummingbird impaled on my forehead. He does have lovely copper-red throat coloring, doesn't he?
Back to beading. I have not taken a photo of the Fairy Tale deck's beaded box yet. I am working on the box for the Shadowscapes deck. I am using three shades each of purple, turquoise and green. So far, I have cut apart three main sides. I think I like the latest and will continue with the rest of the box.

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