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Friday, July 16, 2010

Home again, home again...

After the fastest two weeks of our lives having our grandson here for a visit, we made the drive down and back to return our grandson. Woof. If I never get in a car again...

Later in the day after we finally arrived home, (after we woke up after passing out in exhaustion), I noticed the squirrel bouncing between the truck and car wheels. It was climbing through the engine compartments again. He went to open the truck hood, noticing shredded yellow. Again. What we thought was a mouse when we had this happen before was a squirrel shredding the air filter. He discovered how it got in, a path we cannot plug up. He lifted the thingie above the filter. The filter underneath was eaten out in the middle. He lifted it up and gently dug find two pinkies. Not mice, but baby squirrels. Oh great. How to get the mother to move them?

I Googled around, finding a nice woman who would put me in contact with people who may help, plus I found a few ways that would make the mother uncomfortable enough to move the babies. Nothing bad- a tea-ball with a cottonball soaked in fox urine-scent inside the compartment. A repellent, like having someone around with bad gas. (Is there any other kind of that sort of gas?)

the next morn I sent Him out to check to see if the babies were cold or warm before we proceeded and bought a bunch of stuff. The mother did not like us opening the hood and walking around her nest because they were gone. Whew!

The warm weather brought on massive growth around the place. We will be weed-whacking and such for a week.

I got a few new books and a new tarot deck. A boring report another time. I am too tired. I have not progressed on Yogi the Pug's sweater. It is too hot to knit, even with acky-lack yarn.

Maggie is not feeling well today. Her digestive system is out of whack. She was very glad when we got home, literally skipping around the house with joy.

I think my rear finally unflattened from the long trip. I am glad to be home. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........

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