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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Squirrels and Pot Pies

No, I did not make pot pies out of baby squirrels.

The first batch of baby squirrels that were born in the truck air filter are out and about. They are cute, though the adults are already getting snitty about territory. An adult was trying to run off a baby, the chase ending up a large tree. The baby was around the side, skittled and startled the adult that thought it had "won" and ran off the baby. I laughed out loud. Did you know that squirrels do not like being laughed at? It whined at me, then started chattering. I laughed more. Then a squirrel across the property started chattering back, leapt to a tiny tree that had thin limbs and went bouncing, gently, down to the ground. Of course I laughed harder and the adult squirrel I first insulted got madder, chattering even louder at me. It had no sense of humor.
This first shot was taken at dusk using a night-shot setting. It was hard to get it this clear. The squirrel was huddled tight against the branch.
Two babies eating seeds, above. Their tails are shorter and less bushy than the adults. Of course they are smaller.

The little one above in a close up. Cute little things, even when they destroy your car.
Ah, Debbi's beef pot pies. I make a thick basic stew. I use lard in the crust instead of Crisco. The flavor lard gives is awesome. I make up 16, freezing most for other dinners.

Today Miss Maggie had an "oops!" on the vinyl flooring, a rather bizarre happy accident. I took this lovely mess to the vet and they tested it. What a foul job. She has some sort of bacterial thing going on. We had been dealing with this for a month off and on. The downside is possible side-effects of the meds. She will get Pepto-Bismal along with the meds to buffer the stomach effects. Hopefully she will have no other possible side-effects and this will clear up the problem. Poor old lady has had a hell of a time. I am glad this is all it is, nothing worse. I am a bit paranoid when she gets sick.

I got new glasses yesterday. Himself says I look different but does not say "how" I look different. I will have to re-do my mug shot. Lucky you. I like the new glasses shape, style and color. I got the transitional lenses so I have sunglasses when I go out. Sadly, insurance no longer covers line-less bifocals. We are lucky to have the insurance as it is, so I cannot complain. I like them a lot.

Knitting a hat to felt. I cannot find a ball small enough to use for a head-form. A 7" to 8" ball would be fine for a normal adult-sized head. I may try the thrift shops for an old wig head, though I do not think they exist anymore.

I have set aside the beaded box while I am knitting. I needed a change. With the new glasses I can see much better. Damn, wrinkles and such are very clear. Selective clear sight would be much more preferable.

You can go back to sleep now.


  1. What,huh? Go away I am sleeping.

    I am dreaming about baby squirrels and pot pies.

  2. But... I'm told squirrel pie is tasty! I wouldn't try our urban garbage disposals but yours are clean. Cute, but still loathsome little vermin. Did you know they will eat cotton seeds? Bugger!

    I love the progressive lenses - mine have been progressives since I needed bifocals. Only problem is trying to see going down stairs and such like. And having to tip my head too far back to read the computer screen.


  3. Himself worked with a man who ate squirrel. The ones here are not big enough. As long as we have grocery stores with a organic meat section, I will pass on the squirrel, thank-you-very-much.

    My new glasses have enough progression that I do not have to tip my head up like with my last pair. Better fitting by the eye doc? He did it much different than my last doc. The tech did it at the old place.