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Monday, May 23, 2011

Bloomin' gorgeous

Everything, finally!, is blooming. I am including photos and will divide them up for a few days. Some of the plants I cannot find in my books and will appear tomorrow or the next day. So...enjoy.


Saskatoon flower close-up
It was a bug-hunt finding out what the plant was above. We have arnica! I know... this can be "piezon". But if only using to make one's own arthritis creams, that could be cool.

I think the bush above is also called Juneberry. We have this all over the place.
Wild Strawberry
We have wild strawberries all over the place! If the ones I am "purposely" growing goes tits-up, there is always these? The ferny bit to the back left is a yarrow leaf. I will post the photo of the mass of to-be yarrow in another missive.

Lastly, this photo is rather sad. A large wolf spider caught my eye as I was digging in the dirt because it was moving "funny". It was large, so of course that would grab the eye, but something moving erradictly that should not really gets one's attention. I took her photo as she went into defensive-mode. She soon after, rolling onto her back and put all eight into the air. We have no piezons in the area. Old age? I detest spiders for the most part. Outside, where they belong, they do a great job on the various bugs.

Wolf Spider
It was not easy getting a close-up without upsetting her. Now.. I need to get over the crawlies. It is contrary to care yet get all creeped out.


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