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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rainy days (Black Thumb of Death Gardening)

Edit: I have imported this from my The Black Thumb of Death Gardening Blog to my regular blog...  

We have had a few days of rain. I tended a few things in the garden and cut all the big kale leaves for salads and processing, the same for the spinach. I know... after a frost the kale is supposed to be better, but we found it tasty now. The potatoes are getting blooms, as are other plants. Strawberries are ripening. The poor tomatoes are rebounding. No pumpkin plants yet. I may of been too late. The weather has not been warm enough to plant them until a week ago, yet the watermelon is still alive. I am winging this and using books, I have no clue as to what I am doing. (grin)

More photos while sitting on my porch steps after the sun peeped out...

You can see the potato "cage" to the far left, but not the corn behind that. The peas are climbing and blooming. I need to cut some lettuce for salads. It is holding its own against the starwberry plants. The cabbage (in the box across from the lettuce, strawberries and peas) are starting to get their heads. The middle box's black beans are finally doing something. Black beans were probably a poor choice for our area. Yet, the kidney beans straight across from them are going gang-busters. You can see the zucchini and patty pan is finally growing to the far right. The carrots are taking over, too.

The kale a few weeks ago, before it got even bigger and I harvested it to the nubbins. Yum.

Ah, the carrots there to the left in the closest box. I cannot wait for those. The box across from them holds the parsnips and sweet 'tators. You cannot see the latter through the parsnip leaves. tYes, I am trying to grow sweet potatoes in our climate. I am stubborn. The box to the right is yellow onions and wax banana peppers. I bought them too early and almost lost them. They are Himself's favs and he may get some yet.

 Yep, killed the bug after taking this photo. It is a close-up of a wax pepper flower.

A different angle, showing more buds going to flower.

The far left back is the garlic and the Burpee tomatoes. They are finally starting to grow. The box closest to the left is chili peppers. Small celery plants share that box. The middle back box, all you can see is a huge borage plant that is about to bloom. It is supposed to only take up a square foot. (laughing) Yeah, right. Bell peppers and bunching onions are in the box to the right. The far back right is red onions and tomatoes that you still cannot see in the photo below. We like tomatoes. A lot.

Well. Not the greatest photo. The box in the back, sort-of middle is the white onions, and there are tomato plants behind them. the are finally doing well. The red onions in the box in front of them are doing well. I have a few leeks strating to do their thing in that one. To the far back-right is the watermelon.

There is a watermelon plant. This was taken a few weeks ago. It is bigger now.

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