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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer is slowly going away

We have had unusual temps for our area, hitting the low 90's! Woof! It looks to be cooling down into the 70's and 80's now. We hope Fall is not too cool for our garden. Everyone around here started late, due to a lack of Spring.

I have been dehydrating cabbages. I am about to start dehydrating peppermint and lemon balm for teas. I know, lemon balm does not dry well, it is the only way to keep some around until next spring. The lobelia is still blooming! Beautiful flowers. The borage is blooming too, I have started saving the seed heads of those and the nasturtiums for next year. It looks like the lavender finally is starting, as is the calendula and enchinecia (spelling?). Cool.

I have been knitting bags to be fulled to put up for sale. I will add sparklies, of course. I finished all but a couple of knitted gifts. I need to hit the yarn store for a few balls of cotton and wool this week.

I froze my green beans and peas. I found out that RTFM was important. It is better to drain, pat dry and freeze on a tray before putting into a freezer container. I have a lump of green beans. That will end up going into my Italian-ish meatball soup. I want to make sloppy joe and can it like my friend Jola Gayle did. (See her blog link.) Cool idea. I will also be canning some soups and chilis this Fall. It is nice to have it on hand. A major plus is the ingredients will be from locally-grown meats and veggies, (if I did not grow enough of the latter), and the flavors will be much better than the crap on the grocery shelves. I am so becoming a food snob lately.

A photo of one of the last tiger lilies that have blooming the last few weeks. They are so pretty. It is funny to watch the hummingbirds try for nectar when the blooms had not opened yet. Few hummingbirds remain. We hope it does not mean winter is approaching too quickly. The squirrels are bombing the yard with pine cones they chew off the branches, then come down to "squirrel away" for the winter. One decided my cauldron collection by the front door is the ideal spot.

I am planning out a few things to make for sale this late fall for the holidays. There will be a "Handmade Items For Sale!" page on the blog soon, I hope.

Nothing much interesting is going on, really. That is normal around here. I like it that way.

1 comment :

  1. I am so proud of your accomplishments! Being prepared is so important and we don't see allot of folks doing it anymore.

    Keep up the good work and great photos.