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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Man, I have been sleepy. The weather went to a lovely coolness and is now going back to bloody hot. I seem to be the only person around who prefers the cooler weather. The garden, of course, still needs the warmer days. Ah well...

I am working on my grandson's dead fish hat. Red and black cotton yarn. He should like it. I have only ripped it apart twice.

A few photos for ya...

We had to brave Wally World the other day. Our vehicle, a Subaru Outback, and color of the vehicle, a soft green, is the most common vehicle up in northern Idaho. In the winter, there are even more.

Look at the photo to the left to see what we see when we exit a store... Yeah, one has to have stickers, junk hanging from the rear-view mirror, different license plate holders... Something!, to distinguish one from another. Shopping becomes an adventure.

A marigold. Not the calendula one for herbal concoctions, but the one to rebuff the bad insects.

The proper name escapes. What is new?

I have a very happy mullein going by the watermelons. You have to click on the photo to see it better. It is very ...phallic.

A carrot is blooming for the seed head. Amazing how pretty them are, no?

Let's see... what else can I bore others with? Photo of our canned goods shelf with the onions I grew hanging on the side. My plans of hanging them in another place were thwarted when we found the beams in the ceiling are not situated in a way that would allow my idea to work... Unless we wanted to get thwapped in the head with onions, herbs and such.

I have been reading up on dog breeds. another Pekingese is not an option. It would be like trying to replace Maggie, if that makes sense. That would... hurt.

We have a few breeds that we like. They are ones others may find horrid. We have "met" these breeds in the community and like their personalities. After checking the breed's health and longevity stats, I think we are somewhat settled between the Pomeranian, Boston Terrier, and the Pug. Poms are the healthiest, longest-lived and most intelligent. BT's are second. the Pug still rules in personality, especially the males for that breed. Poms are fox-like in looks, can be easily trained to not yap and are very sweet in person. They are polite with strangers, but look to their human more, as it should be. BT's are rather cool in all way, similar to a Pug. I read up on them and it is said Himself's favorite breed, the French Bulldog, is part of the BT bloodline, but smaller, healthier and longer-lived. Explains the ears. We will probably see puppies and sit among them. Which puppy picks us, and go from there. Yep, neutered or spayed. I cannot do the breeding thing. We would end up with canine herds.

Posting some photos in the garden blog, then to bed. Will the excitement ever stop?


  1. You grew a lot of onions. I'm impressed. I never succeeded with onions.

  2. We love onions. most stff we eat has onion in it. Well... things that work with onions. The garlic is still going. And the leeks. Good thing we go out rarely?

  3. I used to live in Northern CA. No offense, but I rather have my fingernails pulled out than ever move back there, nor would I ever live in the Southern part. COL and all the rest are in the insane range and I do not care for the politics there. I am a mountain/rural woman. Cities and all those people give me hives just thinking about them. ugh. I do not need anyone to tote around my stuff. Himself and I do the job very well. Thanks, anyway.