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Thursday, January 5, 2012

It has a...



My daughter is having a boy, according to the last ultra-sound. Now the name list is being made. Someone suggested the kids go outside and scream the name at the top of their lungs, you know... to hear how it sounds when having to get the booger's attention as he is running towards a dog/fire truck/ice cream counter, and the like. The person's description of hearing a boy's name that sounded more like "satan" than his real name when his mother was yelling at him to stop running up and down some bleachers during a sporting event was hilarious.

In less than a month, we have had the worst and best events. oof.

Not 6 days after surgery on the 13th, when it was impossible to leave, (going to the store with tubes hanging out of your body is not recommended), we get news that one would never imagine would happen in your family. It was reported in 4 different county's and their newspapers and on a major news channel. If anyone is close enough to know my last name, you can google it. I am not repeating the event. We had confirmed that Himself's mom died... way back on March 5th. The cruelty of not relaying that news boggles the mind. There is no acceptable reason for doing so. None. I do not understand the hateful mind-thought. We knew it after Himself had a dream last spring she was calling and reaching out for him from her wheelchair, but we could not find any confirmation. It was kept from the newspaper. Now... I know my family is safe and I will never, ever, have to tolerate a freaking alcoholic again. ugh! The up-side. Of course, the one remaining family member did not return calls, so that side is now "gone". Whatever. I will never understand that side of the family and it is no longer a need.

After that event passed, the rest of the month was much more pleasant. My progress was deemed excellent and I had the procedure done at the right time, early enough to not cause any serious health problems. The new to-be grandchild is growing well. The grandson is doing well, as is the rest of my daughter's little family. They had a lovely holiday season with my daughter's husband's family that live nearby. Santa was kind and not too generous, as he should be. One cannot ask for more than one's family to have a wonderful holiday season. They got the news they have their own home just before Christmas. They moved a few days ago. Yea! Selfishly I wish it was up here. Unselfishly, I am very happy for them.

Remember the photos of the green and purplish yarns from my last post? I am using them in a stripe pattern for Lisa Kay's Undercurrent Hoodie Sweater. (On Knitty, I believe.) The back is done and I am working on the left-front now. One day if the light outside is bright enough, I will try to get a photo of how the green and purples are working together. I think it is lovely. Wearing it may be another. I may look awful in them. laughing...

I have spent my time recuperating while watching two DVD collections- 50 Sci-Fi movies and 50 Horror movies. One on the sci-fi collection was a movie that scared me something fierce as a child. I am sure kids today would just snicker. Both collections included a few old murder mysteries... as filler? Still, I like those. Though they were supposed to be digitally remastered, the silent classics in the horror collection were still in bad shape. I enjoyed those immensely. Lon Chaney is still amazing to me. His make-up work is stunning, even in black and white. Sadly, most of the sci-fi was barely cheesy B-movie stuff, but the collection was cheap enough for me to not mind. The collections had movies I had never seen with Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price as the leads. I was surprised about the Price movies. I thought I had seen all of his works.

I am healing well. I see the doc on the 23rd. After that, I can go back to my normal activities. After I get the garden planned, I am betting it will be staring out the window, wishing for rain and snow to feed the earth so I can have as nice a garden as last year. I am hoping Mother Nature will be kind, again.

May 2012 be prosperous and pleasant for all. I think we all earned it, with all the goodies on top. (grin)


  1. awesome on so many fronts. so sorry about Bruce's Mother. No matter what it must have been difficult at best.

  2. Thanks. Yes, it has been difficult. Sue was a wonderful woman.