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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Finally! can post

I could not post for a while due to a Blogger glitch and being busy with Sally.

Sally's breed, Pomeranian, is a bit more active and different than Maggie, a Pekingese. I think Poms are more stubborn! (laughing) She will take work and I need to get more firm. (ugh)

A couple of her latest photos-

Puppy speedies or devil dog, was about to start. She does laps around the main part of the great room. She no longer goes behind our chairs after she smacked her head one time. Ow!

Sally after her first bath and blow-dry-fluff. Her coloring looks darker than it is. I am still learning to use Paint.NET, the alternative to Paint shop Pro. She is more of a pale brownish-lavender-like color. She is now losing her hair, starting into what Pom breeders call "Puppy Uglies". In other words, their coats are blowing along with the gangly growth spurt and they look different from the customary Pom. She gets her teeth cleaned with a piece of gauze since her mouth is still too tiny for a finger-brush or the small pet toothbrush. I rub her paws daily to ease the nail trimming duty. She is combed with Himself's old mustache and beard comb to get through her thick wool-like coat. I then finish by brushing her with a boar bristle brush to get her oils through the coat.
She loves the homemade treats I have made so far. She has mastered the pee pads. that will be handy when traveling. We got a good bit of snow this weekend. Her outside training will have to wait a bit longer. She is shorter than the snow berms. Sally should be starting puppy preschool this Tuesday. It is supposed to be good for them and myself. I hope so. I am not as "firm" as I used to be. She thinks the leash is tasty and can wiggle out of the harnesses, them now being not as well-made these days. She may take to the leash training more easily when she is allowed on the ground when out and about. Her next shots should take care of that.

It is said that dogs should have schedules. What happens when the people have none at all?


  1. I had a goat friend once whose goats were on a schedule. In reality it was no schedule as her schedule due to her work changed daily. So that became the milking schedule. I wouldn't worry about no schedule in theory.

    And big congrats on the wee one!

  2. She is just to cute for words. That little sweet face...puppy love for sure. Have a great weekend, Mary