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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A quickie

We are back in the Sierras, returning our grandson, getting a few more moments with the newest grandson.

It is bloody hot. oof. Poor Sally is not enjoying it and tired of the traveling thing. We will be heading home Thursday, braving the deserts of NV, OR, and the hot end of ID for the first half of the trip home. (more whining...) Sally will be glad to be home. She will not like that we left our grandson at his home. She may search for him in the house for days.

I do not miss this state. I miss my loved ones and friends. It is something we deal with. Such is life, no?

(a very bad word is in this next paragraph, with twinklie stars for most of the word)
Oh yea... that deep-fried Twinkie? The first thing out of my mouth was very unladylike (like I am a lady?), it was "Oh. My. F*****g. Gawd.". I slapped my hand over my mouth, realizing I used That Word in front of my grandson. (oops) The deep-fried Twinkie was delicious. I was not expecting that. We drizzled a tiny bit of milk and dark chocolate syrup on the top and a scoop of coffee with chocolate-covered espresso beans ice cream on the side. It was really very, very good. It is not something I would want again for a year or five. I am not fond of deep-fried food of any kind.

I did post my exact comment to a list. I guess the person who became offended over it and left the list did not read the description that sometimes people use naughty words. I do wish people would read something clear through before joining a list or posting replies. It would save them from getting their knickers all twisted in knots. that just cannot be comfortable, and may even be painful.

I should not be surprised at the reaction, either. Is it because people have become impatient when reading? Scanning for words that they react to the most in various ways without taking in the full context? Is it why people reply on something that was never written as they "comprehend"? I have no answers.

My newest grandson is as cute, er, handsome, as my first grandson. I have had some lovely time giving him gentle raspberries on the tummy and making him smile while I blather to him in a silly voice.He has filled out nicely. He has dimples on his hands, face, knees... He has finally caught up with his big feet and hands. His favorite thing is being out on the deck, staring up at the trees. He stares in awe, or looks that way, at least.

My new camera battery is sitting at the PO, waiting for me to put it up... almost 1000 miles away. (sigh)

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