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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nothing to see...

... and nothing to say, really. Being a wordy person at times, I am sure I can blather about nothing for a moment. I have been taking a break from my usual endeavors. No knitting. The I-cord rug that is almost finished sits by the couch. I still have not dyed my wools for the rugs, though I have graphed out the rugs. I have even graphed out this year's garden, though the timing for planting is not for months.

We are finally getting a little snow. At least the landscape go with the temps. I hope for much more. We have a couple of inches. Better than nothing.

Miss Sally is doing well. She was very happy yesterday when the snow came. She ripped around for a bit. She laid in it, rolled in it, bit it... yep, a happy girl. Tomorrow, she goes to the "sah-lahn" for her bi-monthly toenail dremeling and a bath. I cannot get her properly dried with her thick, double-coat.

I have yet to find her a good dog-tennis ball. She loves the small Kong-versions. They last, maybe, 3 days? Why they do not make balls with the stronger ball under the fuzzy stuff, I have no clue. Each ball gets a "squeaker-ectomy" right off. She leaves them by my side of the couch. She then chews the soft coating and gets it off like an orange peel, then eats a hole in the thin ball. sigh...

I got myself a tablet with my birthday money. It is a Hisense Sero 7 Pro. Think Nexus 7 at half of the price. It is rather cool, being the size of a paperback book. The apps can be rather neat. I found one to organize my kitchen supplies. I can look at what I have before shopping and not buy what I do not need, all from my chair. The shopping lists apps are okay. I wanted one I could add the prices as I shopped and so I could watch the scanner at the check-out. A lot of items are not properly priced. One woman reported she was almost over-charged $24 during one visit to the store.

The tablet has made organizing things a little easier. I can send the info to my computer and print it out, all neat and collated-like. I know, sick. I still do my budget with paper and pencil. No programs or apps satisfy me like a binder, paper, a pencil and now, my calculator. I read recently a lot of the younger set is budgeting the way I did when first starting out, the "Envelope Budget". You leave just enough in your bank account to pay bills you cannot pay in person. All one's income is divided into separate envelopes (slips of paper representing the bills that have to be paid by check or debit), and you budget everything down to the penny. You take what you need to the store and nothing more. Make a list and stick with it. One woman managed to pay off $24k in 15 months! It is good to see the trend of living within one's means returning. They have become very clever and great shoppers, understanding the value of cooking from scratch, improvising and other traits that were looked down upon for so long. May they succeed.

Okay, I cannot think of anything else useless to blather about. Stay warm. Stay safe. Have a good day!

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  1. Are you hibernating? I am kinda. Only I found more fiber stuff to do. I just finished spinning up some lovely stuff for a shawl and got some snappy new yarn at a LYS for socks. My big deal was getting a new wheel. A Matchless , see what egg and milk money can do? Glad the pup is well and your news of envelope saving is sweet. I too am seeing more and more of it. It is a system I was not raised with and I am sorry for that as I would have been better off for that knowledge but have decided it is the way to go. Also I am dumping my debit card except to get cash from the bank. Twice in 4 weeks I have been sent a new card due to CYA over different hacking events. So cash or checks from here on out.
    Have a good last of Jan.