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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Revisit of some craft photos, like it or not

I am making the "Crafts" tab to hold various posts, instead of a static page. If you have seen this before, sorry in advance.

Below are various photos of beaded tarot boxes, a few other beadwork items, Russian needle-punch tarot boxes, etc. Comments are below each photo. I still cannot find my light box for taking photos. I am sorry about the quality in advance.
This was my first, and only so far, attempt at bead-point. It was meant for my Fairy Tale deck by Lisa Hunt. Unfortunately, I did not measure correctly and the box is too small. I used the back of the deck's cards for inspiration for the design. Along the sides I wrote out "fairy tale" in Irish.

The Halloween Tarot deck's made using Russian needle-punch on cloth. For front of the box, I used the suit's icons as decoration- Imps, Ghosts, Bats, and Pumpkins. I used the ever-present black cat with a couple of skulls for the back. The eyes on the bottom are for fun, and present in a few of the cards.

The bag for my Druidcraft Tarot deck is made using Russian needle-punch on cloth. the design is the Tree of Life. Fall on the back (left) and Spring on the front (right). The little glass dragon bead is a bead I made, as are the other beads. the Celtic knot bead is of jade. The button on the top is polished elk horn slice.

The first photo is of the Housewives Tarot deck box. I used Russian needle-punch on cloth for the box. The back of the cards has an oil-cloth-look in red cross-check. I used a cross pattern in the colors that surround each of the suit's and major's cards. I used brooms and mops for a "housewifë-like" theme as a desing. the beads on the flap are various bead tools- broom, mop and duster. I tried... The second photo is of the back of the box. I made this one large enough to hold the book that comes with the deck.

I used my bead loom for the tarot box for my close friend, Stephenie. This is what it looked like before it came off the loom. I do not have a photo of the finished box handy at the moment.

This is a felted "goddess" figure. I used beads for her "outfit".

My friend, Mary (obviously), needed a bag for her iPod that she could hang around her neck while she did various things. The photo on the left is the bag before I put it together. It gives you an idea of construction. The second photo is of the finished bag. I used silver chain for the part around the neck for strength.

This little bag was made for my friend, Terry, who wanted something "different" for a friend of hers who loved egrets. I improvised the egret. In other words, I guessed.

This is my cell phone case. I could not resist a skull snowflake pattern.
Cross-stitch and knitting graphics lend themselves well to square stitch beading.

This is one of my first little bags.


  1. Your tarot boxes are really awesome!

  2. Thank you! I need to make a tutorial sometime. They can even be made of fabric or felt, using a template I designed for the interior lining. Right now, I am embroidering with beads around some cabs I glued to very stiff interfacing fabric cut out using the template. One day I may even finish them! laughing...

  3. Geez, Deb (why do I still have a hard time not calling you "Potty"?), those are gorgeous!! I've always thought you were amazing. Good to see my opinion remains justified.

    1. I am still "potty" in the head at times. ;) Thank you! on my stuff I made. I am now trying to fit in making stuff when I can, though I am concentrating on practical things, like homemade flooring, rugs for them, clothing for myself on the treadle machine I found, making everything I can from scratch, and so on. I am not bored, that is for sure! laughing...