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Sunday, August 30, 2009



All painting inside is finally finished! Yea! I am sick of painting right now.

Yet with Dangs!, the porch railing and porch itself need to be done this September (next month). And the trunk for blankets. Dang. But the house itself is at least donedonedone!

As I repacked the storage stuff today, organizing it all, I found all of my holiday decorations. There is two strands of Yule lights, stockings, a couple of ornaments and the infamous "Enterprise" to be chased by a "Klingon Battlecruiser" ornaments. Most of my stuff is for Halloween. It is my favorite holiday of all. I put up the skulls-on-a-stake and plugged them in. The Jack-like (Nightmare before Christmas-Jack) lit balls are staked out in front. Oops, it is late. I better unplug them...

I found my old elementary school papers, pictures and mementos. Surprisingly, they are not crumbled to dust. I put them through the sealer to keep them intact. I also found all of the hand-drawn pictures, notes, and such my daughter did as a child for me. Now to get it all packed away before the rain hits next week.

It is already getting cool up here. I love it. As much as I love getting into the spa at night, getting out sucks. "Brisk" is one term. Something a bit ruder usually is said when I step out. Spas are amazing. They really help screaming muscles. Do pity the poor forest pedestrians who happen by when I enter and leave the spa. It is probably some sort of visual cruelty...

The wolf hunt will begin up here soon. Though we do not care for it, it is necessary. We have hundreds of wolves in the Panhandle of Idaho. Each full-grown wolf eats 16-17 elk, deer, and/or moose a year, not including other creatures. They have large litters, as canines are wont to do. The Gummit was supposed to keep an eye on the populations and make sure they do not get big enough to harm endangered creatures. Of course they did not do so. There were only 40 pairs of Caribou in a highly protected area west of us. (No one is allowed any where close to them.) I have not heard the count yet. I hope they made it through this last season. Wolves do not avoid a "food group" just because it is endangered. We used to have so many elk, deer and moose wandering around, it was hard to to step in their poop. We only saw one moose and two deer this year. Their populations have been greatly lowered. People are finding carcasses all over the place, ravaged by the wolf packs. Balance is important. There are no predators for the wolves. Hunting them is going to be hard and most of those with tags will be hard-pressed to find one.

"Danged if you don't, danged if you do."

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