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Personal blatherings, living simply, gardening, cooking, canning, dehydrating, knitting, spinning and more.

Links and Resources

The first part lists friends, acquaintances and fellow artist/crafters' sites that I admire and respect. Some have blogs. Check out their sites! The other links are general links I look at for various purposes.

Aziza is a wearable art artist. She makes clothing, costumes, various items and belly-dancing costumes. She is an awesome artist… and one my best friend. *grin*

(Anneliese). A mix of fiber, aeronautics, ham radio and more. Anne is interesting. *grin*

Dragonfly Farm 
Alden Amos Equipment and Stephenie Gaustad art works. The best spinning equipment out there. Period.

Knitted Threads 
Janet Rehfeldt, arts and designer. Lovely patterns.

Claudia sells angora fiber, patterns, spinning wheels and equipment, yarns and more.

Cindy has some of the finest dragons and other clay figures out there.


Jola Gayle's Eclectic Blog  
A place for Jola Gayle to keep track of her care of her parents, recipes and more.

Dragonfly Farms 
An extension of Stephenie Gaustad and Alden Amos' website. The blog features the latest going on with Stephenie Gaustad and Alden Amos and more!

The Doily Underground 
JP's blog. She does beautiful knitted items,especially her lace.

Terry talks about her life on the coast, fiber and her goats.

The Fiber Artist 
Anita must be the most prolific knitter around. Lovely work. Her lace... Man!

More than Somewhat 
Charlene is one of the best beading artists around.

Sara Lamb 
Weaving and dye maven's blog page.

Various Links

Broom Shop 
Lovely handmade brooms.

Here Be Dragons 
Everything dragon.

Chu Lai Pekingese 
Beautiful pekes bred by Pat and Charles Farley. Charles is also an excellent graphics artist, specializing in pekes.

Toimanor Pekingese 
Audrey Drake, Janet and Sheilah Oxford, breeders. Beautiful pekes.

Spinning and Fiber

Spinners' and Weavers' Housecleaning Pages 
Where fiber artists sell and trade their used equipment, etc.

Knitting and Crocheting

Avital's Fiber Page 
She does the most fantastic teeny-weeny lace work.

StacyJoy's How to Knit a Chihuahua Sweater 
I learned to knit with this pattern. It is very easy to change for a larger dog.

Various Craft Supplies

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 
A wonderful site for jewelry findings, beads, gem beads, gems, etc. Prices are wonderful and the customer service supreme.

Rings and Things 
A wonderful site for jewelry findings, gems charms, etc. Their prices are great and the staff is friendly and helpful.



MMS Lye Calculator

Essential Depot
They have everything one needs to make soap, lotions and more. They are one of the few places you can find lye and tallow for soapmaking. They are in Florida and have specials for shipping.

Bramble Berry
They have soap making supplies, including lye. They do not carry tallow, sadly.

Fun and Silly Site Links

Cake Wrecks

There! I fixed it! - Epic Kludges

People of Walmart

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