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Thursday, March 22, 2018

What month is it? Or year?

I no longer in sync with any sort of time. Day, date, month, year... I am in some other realm at this point. Ah well...

I have been learning to embroider again. I had not done so since I was 13 years old. ahem. I used colored sewing thread to embroider up the legs and pockets of my super bell Levis. laughing...

I had come across the site- Million Little Stitches Yes, I am copying her sampler book somewhat. Instead of the willy-nilly grouping of making the samplers page by page according to that week's stitch to learn, I am doing them in groups and will put it together in the same way. It is very hard to explain. I will try to remember (with my mind like a steel sieve) to post images of my sampler pages at some point. No matter what, I am enjoying it immensely. If one is interested, go to Pint Tangle for TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesdays).

I wanted to have a table-top water fountain to go near my "we-fry" router and all of the other electronic junk that sets me on edge energetically. They are supposed to be helpful. So far, it is helping a lot, along with some other devices for warding off EMF and other electronic smog, etc. I seem to be sensitive. I feel best with the power outages.

On Yuck-Tube, there is a bunch of clever table-top fountain tutorials. You need the base to hold it all. I first got a clear glass bowl. Do not do that. It looks like a dirty dog bowl after a day. You cannot see rocks, crystals and so on after a day. ugh. I ended up getting a roasting pan. (laughing hard) It works nicely, really. I made a Fibonacci Spiral with 9 holes for a spray. Too many holes that dribbled down the copper tubing. Then I made one with 4 holes. Wonderful! until I noticed the spray splashing on my antique table. sigh...

The one with too many holes was cut down, tightened up the spiral and have it spouting into a glass flower I was given years ago. The lovely spiral that made the mess is set to the back as a decoration. It works and sounds lovely.

Hopefully the tiny video below will work. Videoing is not my forte.


I finally finished my Australian-style lockerhooked rug! Yea! It came out nicely. The final size is 3' x 6'. It still needs a backing. For now, stuff will go through the rug until wear felts it. I rounded the corners. No curling of them when rounded.

I love it. It is almost time to give it a "shave" of fuzzies. You cannot see them very well. This summer, I will take it out on the tarp, wet it and stomp on it to speed the felting. ;D

Strangely, I have not been able to eat much meat, especially if fat is higher than 7%. Chicken is out. Sea fish is too contaminated, fresh is ugh! to me. Lean pork (bacon is still okay-ish) and super lean beef as a condiment is all I can stomach. It is weird.

That is it. Take care all.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

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