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Monday, September 7, 2009

Organizing my craft room, sort-of

We got the shelves up in the craft room. I played Tetris-Hell with a sewing machine and sewing bench, small floor loom and bench, 5 shelving units, a drum carder, bags and bags of wool and all my various craft supplies. I won, though the bags of wool are piled on the sewing machine, loom bench and most of the floor. At some point I need to process it or put it in tubs.

Above you can see my shelves for my beading stuff to the left. A small loom is safely up on a shelf along with my beading loom. The stuff piled in front of the window covering the sewing machine and the black bags are wool. Some masks I made when I was still a potter-sculptor are looking down at everything.
Now you can see all I need to get done this winter, or hide in tubs! There is a loom under there. Really. The brown paper bags are all filled with Pekingese hair. I was supposed to spin it and make a dog breeder a tote bag eons ago. My life went crazy and it ended up in tubs when we sold our house, moved, it sat in storage, bought this house and moved again. Out of sight, out of mind. I feel horrible I forgot something so important. I must get that finished first. I hope she is still speaking to me!

The above is all the processed fibers waiting for me to spin. The white wools will most likely be dyed first. The plastic carts have commercial or my handspun yarns in them. They are tight with yarn. While posing my skeleton, I broke his little right arm off. I have had him for years. He gets "dressed" each holiday with appropriate garb. Sadly, I will have to replace him.
The pic above is the pitiful cuff is what I started last May. Sad, no? I prefer knee-socks. Most patterns are geared for short socks and for the ribbing to stand up. I fold my sock cuffs over like a kid. I cannot find my post-It with where I am at in the sock! I am using "Ribbing - Plain & Fancy", by E.J. Slayton. The booklet is filled with nice patterns for the cuffs and tops of your socks. It is the simple "Mistaken Stitch" pattern for the cuff. She has patterns you can gear with your yarn and gauge and makes it easy for a new sock knitter like me to make the perfect-fitting pair of socks. I have narrow feet and ankles (8", barely). My foot is 9" long. I also have her Shawls booklet. Her site is at:
I think I will have to rip it all out and start again, not being sure of what point I am at without my notes. Ah well...


  1. ok now . a blog how nice! u can see my latest updates and i have been good.

    r u coming this way before winter? we are living in escrow land which is better than sale land but not as good as sold land.

    i am going to become a full time house mom soon again if all goes well.

    glad to see your life is falling into place(s)!

  2. We should be going down to Pioneer for a week or so. We need to get a new car, first. The truck is getting too old for a 2000-mile round-trip.

    May the escrow go smoothly and the sale for the other place go well, too!

  3. Nice craft room! I see some familiar fiber in there! :-) Looks like a comforting and inviting spot!


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