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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Violets, Beadwork and Socks

Below is one of the violets pansies that run wild on our driveway. I tried to get a teeny yellow and white one, but it came out blurry, for some reason. I am not a photographer, that is for sure.

I am planning out my next beadwork project, a prezzie for a friend. It will be a bag/case she can wear around her neck to hold her iPod while she works around the house and such. I could make it on the beadloom or use square stitch. I have not decided yet on which method I want to use. The lining will be felt or muslin to protect the iPod from the beads. I cannot say what the graph-pattern will be until I am done, the design being a surprise. I can say I bought seed beads in a cool cobalt blue that will be the background. For the flap to hold the iPod in the bag, a beaded cab would be nice. I bought "Beading with Cabochons" by Jamie Cloud Eakin a while back. I have been itching to try some of her designs. They are gorgeous. The strap could be beaded or a nice necklace using various gemstone beads or... Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I read a post yesterday describing a stretchy cast-on perfect for socks, the "Twisted German Cast-On." You can Google that and come up with videos and pictures of how to do this. I may rip back the abused sock I started and see if I like it. I do not usually have a problem with tight cast-ons, I found that my cast-off to be too tight for garments, like the end of a sleeve. I have to remember to use a bigger needle for those. I try to work sleeves from the cuff upwards because of this.

I am going through various cardigan patterns, deciding on which I like best. It would help if I spun the yarn first, wouldn't it?

I will not horrify you with how I got the old, abused white linoleum floor clean. I would have to use bad words, like: bucket, hands and knees, scrub brush, hot water, ammonia, and gagging. Or the second wash using that same darn bucket, a cloth, water and vinegar. No, I will not inflict that on you. Oops, already did. The floor looks clean now.

Slán go dtí an chéad bhlag eile (goodbye until the next blog)


  1. bleach, ammonia,knees are u nuts?

    beautiful flower!

    need to get back to socks, can we have some photos plzzzzzzzzzz?

  2. I have never claimed to be sane. These little flowers are strong as steel. I will take sock photos when I knit some more. Promise.