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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WHITE!!! Porch, a few photos

Warning! The white porch and steps below can be blinding to some.

It wasn't as bad as you thought, was it? We have no idea where to stash the cinder blocks left around the property as of yet. You can make out my large cauldron next to the steps, plus a couple of the smaller ones. I have my skull-lights up for the New Year Eve celebration, Halloween or Samhain to others. One can sort-of see how massive and well-build our carport is. This door leads into the kitchen/dining/living room area.
The photo is of the front of our house. That porch was never painted, so it is "natural," only needing a fresh coat of sealer. The railing was already white but needed a fresh coat of paint. The steps were never painted or sealed, I painted those to protect them. (They were beyond sealer at this point.) The ugly blue chairs on the porch are there because I scrubbed and cleaned the nice iron ones and brought them inside. We only had seating for two people. Until we get some "real" chairs, the iron ones will have to do. They have nice, thick cushions on them. We hope to get a porch swing later on for this porch. The blue chairs fold up nicely and have "roofs." We bought them to watch our grandson play various sports when we still lived near him and our daughter.

I finally got a clear picture of the small yellow and white violet pansy. I also managed to get a pic of the pale purple ones before He weed-whacked them into The Other Place.

Can you tell how "abused" this poor dog is? (laughing) I wish I could sleep like that! This is my Pekingese, Maggie.

As you can see from the second photo, she did not appreciate me waking her up to take her photo. She has spittle on her chin. I did not tell her. She was not in the mood at the time. She is smiling at least. You can tell from the graying, she is getting on in years.


  1. I like the white, it looks very clean. We need to wash the outside of the house because ours doesn't.

  2. Wonderful, white, "like a virgin" mmmmmmmmmmm Maggie is how old? Wow!
    Great floral photos. Email me with more specifics about possible personal appearances in the nor. cal area.

  3. White does not show dirt until you get close to the tiem. It is why we have white vehicles. (laughing)

    Virginal? bwhahahaha... Maggie is 13 years old now. She is "not right" after the seizures when the vet up at Bonners gave her that shot without pre-testing her. I found a more adept vet, though they are expensive. She is worth it. She has a bad tooth and a few loose ones. I have to get her in, but I am wavering after the visit that harmed her little brain.

    He whacked the flowers all down accidently. (He rarely wears his glasses.) It is okay, we have more popping up.