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Saturday, September 5, 2009

woof... Redoing my home

The last three days have been killer. I sanded the porch, railings, steps, plus the steps for the spa and the back door steps leading to the spa. I painted primer on the railing and all the steps. Thompson's Waterseal on the porch. (Note: Use a paint pad. I used a brush. It is like painting with milk and hard to stop pooling.) I sanded an old pine trunk I bought at a craft fair almost 20 years ago. It was past-due, no? I stained it first with green stain, then went over it with a light brown, rubbing and wiping it off to give an old-look. It took me 12 hours to get all that done.

The following day, I sanded the trunk to take some of the stain off and let it sit a bit while I painted all of the steps and the railing on the porch. I got the spa steps painted on paper under the carport and proceeded to the railing. Halfway through, the clouds came barreling in and large drops started. Argh! They stopped shortly afterwards, so I proceeded on. By time I got to the railing on the steps, the winds hit with force. Uncle! I quit for the day.

Yesterday I got all the railing and remaining steps done. If anyone tells you that white repels insects, laugh at them. Bugs came to white paint with a vengeance and a death-wish. The gnats and meat-bees were the worst. I put two coats of semi-gloss inside the trunk. I did not have any sort of sealer for the trunk. Why not use the Thompson's? I found a small paint pad and rubbed it into the wood, then smoothed. It came out nicely.

We got the brackets up for more shelves in the craft room. I have way too much stuff or need to win the lottery and kick the wall out another good 10 feet. It is supposed to rain tomorrow. I am taking the day off. I have the kitchen landing and steps left to finish. They are under the carport, so rain is not an issue. I cannot wait to be done.

Y'all should of seen the nice man at Home Depot's face when I took the porch paint "as is". He said if I did not mind having Ultra Bright White... Yes, it is blinding white. It will fade at some point. Maybe.

When I am done, I must pick up the sock I started way back in May. With the retrieval of our remaining stuff, the interior painting, the visit of our grandson and the other projects, I never got back to the poor thing. Is that sock abuse?

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