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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall, used-car buying, beadpoint

Beauty first. I posted various photos taken from my yard last week. Fall is here! There is also a photo of rose hips and a tweety-bird in a feeder.

Views from the porch.

The trees above turn the brightest lime green before yellow. The needles drop and it is bare for the winter. I never knew pines did the "fall thing."

The rose hips are beautiful. It is too bad I did not get off my butt and pick some! I managed to snap a bird before it twitted off.

This bush is in front of the house. The colors were gorgeous. That bush and another unseen lost their leaves one day, like an old Monty Python skit. The two spiders above are very tiny though they do not appear in the photo. They were on either side of our front door. Little guardians?

Buying a car is a nightmare, used is worse. It used to be easy to buy a used car. You test-drove the car, kicked the tires, haggled the price and then drove off, you and the buyer each thinking they got the better of the deal. Now it takes major research. There is so much garbage on a car, you have to be careful. Good gas mileage or safety and reliability? You cannot have the first with the last two. Prices are outrageous, insane. I think those who price the cars are smoking something rancid. You take it for a drive and like the car. The vehicle record check comes next. The perfect car suddenly becomes cac because it had too many owners, was in an accident, never maintained. Then the haggling. If it passes those tests, the mechanic check-up. By now, you are out a good $150. After finally finding something that one can afford, then you have to add a warranty on top of the insurance to protect yourself from huge repairs bills to fix the sensors, computer and other "powered" crap that seems to die quickly and expensively. Too bad a horse and buggy is not viable.

Gripe over.

I found a site online that mentioned beadpoint. I printed out the instructions and went for it. It is slow as snail-snot. The piece is pulling up and to the left. Nothing in the instructions mentioned biasing being a problem. That means wetting and blocking before putting the pieces together. It is still rather neat. You can use any cross-stitch chart or graphs for the patterns.

I gave up on the cotton yarn socks. I am grabbing some wool and make more winter socks.

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