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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lazy, car research and tarot

No photos this time because I am lazy. Period. The air is crisp. The sky goes from deep turquoise to pale gray and it brings me to the full lazies. I need to get walking... sips on coffee. I need to get back into yoga... sips coffee. Coffee : 100; Getting off my backside : 0. I have been so used to getting up and working, either inside the house, a job and the like. The Man says we are "retired". I am not used to "retired". Maybe a stun-gun to the rear?

I had researched a new vehicle for months. I thought we decided, until The Man says maybe there is something comparable. (groan) I go over the figures in the Consumer Reports book. The Man wants all-wheel-drive. It is a necessity during the winters here. We get ice. The highways are well-maintained, but the AWD will give an edge. It does lower the gas mileage, a small price to pay. No matter where one goes, it is highway driving. Our towns are nicely small. We need something to drive to see the kids and, hopefully, a trunk instead of a hatchback. I do not like those anyway. So I sent price requests from the manufacturer for best deals. Still, I have the figures for what the price should be. I wonder if they deliver, too? That would be nice, wouldn't it? Caravaning from Post Falls or Spokane would suck.

I have been playing with the Fairy Tale Tarot. Having fully illustrated court cards, since the scenes are from a fairy tale, is wonderful. Other decks have a person staring out with a few accessories. You have to remember all the little bits that go with the ranking and suit. Having a detailed scene is so much better.

It seems to read as well as my other favorites: Halloween, DruidCraft, Faerie, and Housewives. Sometimes I will layout all of the decks with the same thoughts and compare each one. Why? To see how well one speaks over the other. They are all in a dead-heat. I can see my Mom shaking her head and rolling her eyes right now. She still loves me, though I am "weird". (grin)

Maybe I will take a photo or two tomorrow. Everything died off after the freeze. It is funny how one day it is vivid greens, the next, greens, golds, reds, oranges and browns. Some of the foliage that froze went a purple-charcoal color.

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