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Monday, November 16, 2009

Where did October go?

I cannot believe it is already November and we are halfway through it to boot!

We finally got ourselves a new-to-us car. I detest shopping for one, but it is a necessary evil. We still need to take it in for a go-over before traveling.

Next Wednesday, (the day before Thanksgiving), I take Maggie in for her teeth. I am nervous. Maggie being a Pekingese and elderly makes the whole procedure surgical in nature. I still cannot get over how expensive it is. Woof! Taking her the day before a holiday would be a problem if this vet did not have 24-hour on-call vets. It is the earliest I can get her vet. She is really good with Maggie's breed. I want Maggie healthy before we travel.

I am still working on my beadpoint "box". It is coming out nicely for a first attempt. I will take photos when I am done. My first attempts at a craft lay the groundwork for improvements for the next time. I realized making the box in the manner I used this time around is slower and wasteful of the canvas.

I frogged the cotton sock. Bleh. I just could not get the cotton to behave. I tried turning the heel many times before I finally tossed the whole thing into a yarn drawer. I have some lovely wool sock yarns in my stash and now working on a short wool sock. the colors are primary stripes. They are rather bright, yet not too nauseating. The yarn is Regia. The color is... a code number. I am using two short circulars. I much prefer that to dpns. I found it faster and the likelihood of getting loose strips like those that can happen with dpns is unlikely.

No photos this time around. Sleepy yet?

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