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Friday, February 26, 2010

Done!Done!Done! (my knitted sweater, that is)

What the hell am I so happy about? I finished the Celsian sweater today. The photos suck. It is very hard to take photos of a light grey sweater on a medium-grey carpet. No, I do not have any cloths to lay it on that I can find around the house. Maybe when the sun comes out I will try again. Maybe.

I still need to wash and block the sweater. The pattern changes sizes every 4". I wanted to be able to pull the sweater closed with overlap, so went for the "large" size. The sweater is warm, soft and fits perfectly. I did add almost 3" to the sleeve-lengths. I do not like too-short sleeves. The sweater is NOT slimming. Oh yes, I look pudgy, matronly. My Great Tracks of Land have to be accommodated.

Next, maybe a goofy hat to wear with it. I will not use a pattern I thought I was going to use, a fitted cap with brim. It is too fitted. I would be all fuzzy uppers with a pinhead. I have never been a fashion maven, but I do have some sort of standards... I am still looking for them. Maybe a beret-like hat with a brim? I have tons of patterns on the shelf.

The yarn would pill, but I am going to still make Claudia of Countrywool's "Percentage Pointless Gloves".

I love this pattern. I call them "Bully Gloves". I can still do stuff, but the fingers and hands are warm. I do make the fingers a little longer than most people. I go just over the last joint, in-between that and my fingernails. I used them at the storage facility I managed for years and they fit the bill perfectly. My last pair was knitted in titty-pink handspun. My daughter took them for work. Funny, but this pair has never been permanently borrowed from her desk.

In other news, He got us each a HP Mini 311. Mine is mine and His is his. I love this tiny netbook. Typing is a challenge at times. I keep hitting a key, sending the cursor to another part of what I am typing. Sentences are getting jumbled. I try to proof-read a bit before posting. "Try" is the operative word.

I need grammar check. I already give Word fits when I have the program check the grammar. the program has no sense of humor what-so-ever.

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