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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let us skip March, please

This month sucks. Yep, that sums it up so far. Can we move to April now?

Thursday, my peke Maggie almost died. She started bleeding out her nose in bright red technicolor. Her platelets were very low. She had "bruising" and spots that appeared, but were not there the night before during her customary tummy rubs. Tests are still being done. It is either an auto-immune disease, (the first test was negative so a re-test was done to be sure), a bite by a tick, or... ??? So far, she is doing well, thankfully. I am not ready to lose her, not that I ever will be ready. She has more integrity, honor and "humanity" than most people do.

Sunday comes with the most screwed-up federal extortion to the states and the Peoples- Daylight "Savings" Time. This was Ben Franklin's worst idea, ever. It has been researched and proven to not do one damned thing to benefit anything they claimed it would. In fact, it makes things worse. Someone must be making big money to keep this stupid thing going! Heart attacks, vehicle accidents with related deaths and other illnesses go up during this time. Ah. the medical, pharmaceutical and politicians make big monies keeping this going. I get it now.

St. Paddy's Day is tomorrow. I normally make corned beef and cabbage. Good food is good food. This year is will be onion soup with roasted garlic bread. A meal to keep people away for days. That will work out just fine, thank you.

I did finish making a lovely beadwork cover for our cell phone so it does not get messed up if dumped in my purse. It is lined in felt. I used a snowflake design in a dark, silver-lined red with a black background. Did I mention that if you look closely the center design is actually a skull? laughing.... I used square stitch. It is very strong and should hold up well. No photos. I highly doubt I can get a good one with the colors. I may try...

May the rest of the month go much more successfully is my wish. It is now 12:30 am, REAL time. Time to try to sleep a bit....

1 comment :

  1. I couldn't agree more on PDST. Bull shit with a capital B. Screws up the stock not to mention the humans. They slipped this one by when we were preoccupied with "other things".

    Enjoyed our call, glad Ms. Maggie is better. My blog is in hiatus for a bit but will update soon.

    You are awesome! Give Bruce my best.