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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My dog Maggie and blather

Maggie is doing very well. I am giving her joint/hip support vitamins and minerals along with the L-carnitine for her muscles. She is down to two prednisone pills a day now. The vet is weaning her off very slowly. If they go too fast, her adrenals can shut down. Her blood test last Friday was excellent. The vet said we can wait 2 weeks before the next test, we are staying with weekly to be safe. Maggie has gone through too much to take any chances of relapse or worse. She is one tough old lady.

I changed her food to Merrick's canned. It looks like people food. The ingredients are excellent. I know what they all are, no garbage. We could eat it of starving. "People-grade" really does not mean much if one knows what the Gummit allows into our foods. ewwww! Maggie is trying Taste of the Wild bison and venison today. The ingtedients are also good for this brand. We shall see if this added to the list in the future. Maggie now loves boiled chicken. She would never touch it before. I have not bought her foods with duck or salmon. I want to wait until we are around my daughter's dogs. they will eat anything and I would hate to waste any food if Maggie snubs a 'flavor'.

I took a few photos to bore you all with. I tried to get one of the squirrel snoozing in the feeder. It is hilarious to see. Sadly, 'Death from Above; came as I was focusing the camera. In other words, the squirrel that uses the other feeder came racing down the tree, attacking it's rival and the chase was on. One day I will catch one of them napping in the tray or on top of the feeders.

I have no idea to what kind of birds the two in the middle are. The photo is not very good. I could not get close enough without scaring them off. The woodpeckers prefer my homemade suet blocks. The one in the holder is a commercial block. They must taste like cheap food because they barely feed on them. Bad Debbi! I should of made more. I was too busy taking care of Maggie to deal with it.

I am beading an "Air" dragon pic now. I finished the "Spirit" and "Earth" ones. I am not sure if I like them. I am using what seed beads I have on hand instead of looking for specific beads. The charts are meant for cross-stitching. They can be "chunky" at times unless ones goes down to a smaller canvas so give the finished item a better look.

I took a few photos of our night moons. The one in the new banner came out gorgeous. I have another that is very Halloween and may use it later on. As one can tell, (nooooooo....) I love the moon and the night. So I am weird, or as He says, "Weird-er!"

That is it for now....

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