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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May disappeared! Images of my latest beaded tarot boxes

Where did May go!? It is already June...

The good thing about June is that we get our grandson and get some time with our daughter. Now if only time would go very slowly during our time with our two favorite people. I will also get to see a couple of close friends when we pick up our grandson. Himself still has to get the spa cleaned and refilled so the Little Man has a "swimming pool". Hopefully it will not rain much while he is here. We are really hoping our daughter can take her vacation and come up. What a perfect summer it would be!

By the way- Remember to never shop on the first of the month unless the fridge is completely bare. Bloody hell. The stores needed traffic control inside and out. ugh...

I forgot to post the beaded tarot box photos this weekend. Oops. The first box below is for my Fairy Tale Tarot deck by Lisa Hunt. I really should of used darker greens. I tried to somewhat capture the back of the deck's card.
The next beaded box is for the Shadowscape Tarot deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. This deck really speaks to me. I am surprised, it being a "fairy-like" deck. Her artwork is done in watercolors that are stunning and have so much magic worked into the images. The design is nothing like the back of the cards. Those are a lovely purple on the blue-side with a Celtic-knot-like design, stars, etc. I used three shades of purple, turquoise and green. I first made the moon at the bottom and worked up from the moon. There is a pale moon on the flap to secure the top. I used a plastic snap. Ick. I am removing it and changing it to a bit of velco which is more secure. A metal snap would not be a good idea on glass seed beads.
I took a quick photo of the box I am working on right now. The photo below is the start of a front or back "side" for the Fairy Oracle deck by Brian and Wendy Froud. The deck is stunning. Wendy did a perfect job with the book. It is a very nice oracle deck, yet it is not fluffy in context and meanings. I like that. Like the Fairy Tale deck, I took the design on the back of the cards and used a similar theme. It is not easy using square stitch. I finished this panel tonight. It came out nicely.
Well... That is it.


  1. suddenly, the way I keep my decks has become --- disrespectful and low brow and lame and ... not good enough.
    It was NOT in my plan to learn how to bead this way in the next year...

    but oh how I'd like to have boxes like these for my decks!!!

  2. So... Do you want me to post how I make them? heh heh heh