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Saturday, June 19, 2010

With one eye open

Before I drone on as usual, no photos. I still need to take a few of the finished Fairy Oracle deck's beaded box....

Oh, that box is finally finished a few days before we drove south into hell. Wait. I do not believe in hell. Okay, we drove down to see loved ones through various deserts to "borrow" our grandson for a few weeks. Darn if we have to return him.

Miss Maggie did not do well on the trip. If the sun beat on her through the window, (the A/C was blowing directly on her the whole trip down and back up), she became over-heated. We will be looking for a plug-in cooler thing for her to lay on (is there such a thing?) and a window shade to add to her comfort when we have to return our grandson.

Did I say how displeased we are at having to give our grandson back? Can you imagine the nerve of my daughter demanding her lovely boy back? My daughter is a great mother and mom. (Yes, there is a difference between those two words.) Our grandson is lucky to have such a loving young woman. So what if I am biased? Others agree with me, ya know.

I will have the groomer strip out Maggie's undercoat before re-cutting her hair to keep her as cool as possible. She refused food the day before we set out for home, urping in the evening. She drank water on the trip home at least.

Once here, she perked a tiny bit and looks almost normal. Right now she is curled up in a deep sleep. She has devoured one boiled chicken-ninny and one of her vitamin cookies. We hope the vet has something safe Miss Maggie can take while visiting for a bit when we go back down to return our grandson. Maggie was worked up from the get-go. This is not normal behavior for Maggie. Maybe it is from her near-death experience last March? Putting her into a doggie motel while away would be worse for her. She is too old to deal with that.

I have come to terms with the fact that recovery time for long trips extends with age. I think my rear section may be numb for weeks though our Outback is quite comfortable. The heated seats help relieve, if not prevent, this during normal travel times for us. In the summer, no way. I am not a hot weather person. I rather bundle up than be hot.

I am knitting Yogi the Pug, (one of our daughter's dogs), a sweater in camo acky-lack yarn so she can throw it in the washer. I will look for washable wool for the next one. She misread her tape when measuring his neck and it was lucky I checked the fit out before I got too far. That boy has a thick neck. Their chihuahua will wiggle out of any sweater. I will measure the little booger and make one with sleeves for the back legs that will also work as "stirrups" for the back of the sweater and keep him from getting out of it. During the winter he is freezing, yet refuses to wear items to make him more comfortable. If anything, a video of him getting out of it would be entertaining.

Okay, I am now officially pooped. Good night to all that have not fallen into a stupor yet.


  1. OMG!!! Bounce back time? Hey sweet cheeks wait until you pass the big 60!

    If nausea is Ms. Maggie's complaint get your DVM to give her an RX for Cerenia. If it is stress well there are other options.

    How long do you have the boy child? Is he Claire's age, 8? Isn't it a kick having them without parent units?

  2. Aging sucks.

    The vet prescribed calming pills for geriatric dogs that Maggie should do well on. She also goes in for de-furring and clip next week.

    The boy goes back on the 5th. He will be 8 on the 31st of July, Lugh's Day. Yes, we love having him all to ourselves. I dread the drive back. We will stay until the next weekend passes before driving back home. Again. I am not looking forward to the heat, either. I am such a weenie.