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Sunday, August 1, 2010

What day is it? Or month?

It is August. Already. My grandson goes back to school, 3rd grade!, in a couple of weeks. I cannot believe how fast time is going! Any comments about time and age? You DO know where to stuff them, right?

No photos. I need to get the camera out so I can take them more easily. I did manage to put most of my beadwork boxes and needle-punch ones on a new photos page which is in the links over to the right somewhere for my blog. (pointing) See? Over there... I must find my light box for taking craft photos. It works so much better than trying to find a bright place on the porch railing for photos. The light box is much too big for the things I make, though great for the rare large item.

I was enjoying the spa ala nekkid this early evening. I moved from the lounging massage area to the "back beater", and noticed that the hummingbird feeder by the spa was being swarmed by over 10 hummingbirds. They were buzzing, hovering, dodging, swirling around... There are more babies, too! They are so tiny. This last batch of nectar was rather strong. I became engrossed in computer junk and forgot the pot was boiling away on the stove. Oops. I added more water and sugar on top of the couple of inches of "thick" water left in the pan. Hey, I did not burn the house down at least. The hummingbirds seem to like the more intense nectar. Or it may be that the other feeder had a bubble and was not drawing well, or that there are not many blooms around right now. No matter, I enjoyed watching them while I had my parts massaged by the water. That was a major perk when we bought this place, they left a very nice spa. Life is very good.

Miss Maggie has developed a lovely trait of doggy farting. It started a little after her 14th birthday. That makes her around 70 years old. Her food is better than before. We are going with age as the cause. She will let a silent-yet-deadly while cuddled to my side...then move to the other end of the couch. She is so much like He who is sucking brain in his chair. Sucking brain = intense and loud snoring. I cannot even copy making the sounds or I start choking, it is so deeply done. Her arthritis is bad in her back legs, the left being the worse. I ran out of her special vitamins and will get more Tuesday. The vet put her on a trial of Metacam to see if that helps her move around more easily. Her check-up turned up well, even with the arthritis stuff. All is good. She is old and well-loved.

I have not been knitting, spinning or beading lately. It has been too hot. I have been reading, bouncing between real books and a Kindle 2. I managed to format some notes I would like to have on hand without digging through my binders and bookshelves. The Kindle is a nice tool and handy. I still love my books, but the reader is much more portable and will not become damaged in my purse the way a book can. (The Kindle has a nice leather cover.) I need to get a clip-light so I can read in bed.

I need to order some seed beads in the green and tan ranges for "camo". My grandson wants a box for his trading cards. He decided he wanted the box in "Idaho", which translates into camo.

...and that is the boring bits for now.

1 comment :

  1. Age is only important if one is a cheese.

    But we don't bounce like we used to. Especially the bounce back factor. There is no way I will ever be able to make the run to the Berg and back in one day again. NO WAY.

    Not to worry I got ya beat. A 12,11,8 and 4 y.o. granddaughter's and a son who will be 36 in Oct. Wait, hold the trolley, wasn't I just 36?

    So now that you are feeling better about your lot in life allow me to compliment you on the new photo. Very nice!