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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have the lazies today. Instead of working on un-inventing a stole-vest or whatever the heck it is, or reading a couple of new books, I am sitting here, coffee in hand and reading others' blogs. I guess a day of doing nothing is not a bad thing?

I cannot believe how much junk I bookmarked! I am cleaning out those as I read through. Some have me wondering if there was something "special" in my water that day to warrant bookmarking the site.

That sweater, or stole, or vest... whatever the heck it is!, I will take a photo of it stretched out on the floor to show the concept. Maybe this week. Maybe not. I am not promising anything. I found it at a local store. Sadly, it is in acky-lack yarn, made by machine at some Chinese sweatshop. It is badly constructed. This was the only one that would fit me or my daughter and needed only the edges gone over with thread to make sure it does not unravel. The workmanship these days is horrid. All in the name of profit, I guess. I was going to try to un-invent it without buying the item, but figured having it on hand would make it easier. I also contributed to a local shop. I did get a discount because some of the edges were iffy, at best. Why am I in love with this badly-made item? It is interesting. It looks nice on. It even looks good if you have Huge Tracks of Land or if the Titty Fairy snubbed you for life. It slims if needed and adds weight to the overly-slim. (Yes, they do exist. My daughter is one.)

I have a large cone of kitchen cotton. I know! It is crap yarn. It does wash up soft. It is cheap, meaning it is perfect for inventing a pattern. The yarn is a green on the yellowish side of the spectrum. Not my favorite, but it will do. Better than white, no?

I knitted some dolls to run through the washer, just to see what happens. Maybe I will come out with a line of poppets. We all need poppets. They are great for stress relief without doing harm. Sort of. It depends on what one inflicts on the doll. (laughing)

I will get some pictures. Soon. It means movement. Not today.


  1. You certainly laid out allot and on one cuppa , I think I want what you are drinking!

    Maybe your fasination is in justifing ( sp. wrong I am sure) those poor people in those sweat shops.

    It is to the point where all I want to see is made in the USA. This is me, the freakin '60s liberal. God help me but I am so up to here with people I know, hard working, caring with family to feed not working so the big corps. can make an extra buck or two.

    Maybe I should order one of your dolls. Stress relief and all that!

  2. I did not want to buy it because of where it is made. There is no pattern for it anywhere. I looked. Though the concept is simple, without a model it would of been impossible to make. I looked for one made in the US. Nothing. So... It was not ideal, but I will have a pattern when I copy it. Free for all too.