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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Look

As much as I loved my night-moon photo, I changed to that dark blue thing for a short bit. After retooling my website, I matched the blah-g to the website. It may be too pale? Text not dark enough? Not sure yet. I am going to live with it for a bit to see.

The website is set for viewing the contents, not to have stuff blinking, jumping and otherwise flashing around. I have a free site so I am stuck with Tripod's ads and pop-ups. ugh. I refuse to pay for a site when I am not selling anything. Our internet provider is broadband, no freebie website is included. Great service and a large amount of bandwidth. A trade-off.

It has been freezing cold lately. There was bit on the news about some falls that froze. Hopefully it will warm up soon.

I messed up my favorite program on my netbook and may have to dump the whole thing with a recovery disk to get the program back. Hopefully the programmer can help me get the program working again without such a nasty procedure to do so. Ah well. It has been eons since I did something of this nature.

That is it. No photos. Too cold to try. Maybe next week. Speelcheck does not like my verbiage. (sticking out tongue.)


  1. Deb, I really like the lighter background. Easier on my eyes. Perhaps the text shud be a tad darker. JG

  2. I will darken the test. Thanks for the comments!