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Friday, April 15, 2011

Goodbye Squirrel

The one squirrel that came from the western side of the property and took possession of our truck last fall and winter will be getting a ride here soon. She, yes a she, got into the truck and shredded every bit of the fuzz under the hood and made it into a nest in the engine department.

Himself removed it.

A couple of hours later, a new one. She is using the old wool I set out with the last bits of the truck firewall, or whatever it is. And started chewing on wires. Luckily, none are damaged. Himself turned the vehicles to point towards the house and propped open the hoods. No privacy, no staying.

No, we do not have a garage large enough for one, let alone two vehicles. (It is barely a "one-car" garage, if one has one of those rolling tin can coffins from India.)

When we shop tomorrow, one live trap will be bought. Once we get her, she takes a ride to the ends of the county and set loose in an area that is not settled. Giving someone else a problem varmint is not polite. We will get a trap large enough for raccoons. We figure the moment the garden is planted, they will be the next varmints to get a ride in the back of the truck to deeper wilderness.

I got some cool books yesterday. More another time.

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