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Friday, April 15, 2011

Sprouts! And they are alive! (Black Thumb of Death Gardening)

Edit: I have imported this from my The Black Thumb of Death Gardening Blog to my regular blog...  

What? I am not allowed to be excited about seeds sprouting? See the name on this blog? Get it now? (grin)

The first photo are of the plants I got at the nursery. Mint to the left. Spearmint to the right. Notice the tiny plant to the far back? It is hard to see because of the small grow-lamp hitting the plastic of our little nursery for the seeds. It is a Wax Banana pepper, one of two. Himself loves them pickled.

Below are the first plants that sprouted, herbs and flowers. The far back two rows of peat turds contain: poppies, borage (also a food), cotton, calendula, and chamomile. The next row with the large sprouts are sunflowers for the birds. They will be planted farther away, like across the yard. The nasturtiums have done nothings, nor the celery or tobacco.

The plants below are the berry bushes: Josta to the left and the two Blueberry to the right. It is too cold to put them outside today. Yesterday, I went out with the pitchfork and aerated the soil in the boxes. Halfway through, little pieces of stuff was falling on me. Popcorn snow. Of course. I got the beds all "stabbed" properly and will do it again before adding the rest of the soils.
Last night, the ground "looked funny"in the dark and large things were falling. Doily snow, as we call flakes the size of a half- or silver dollar. It went away quickly.

We picked up stakes to hold down the plastic or whatever to go around the boxes and then we have to decide on what to put down that will not make our grandson sick while visiting. Poor guy is allergic to hay, our first choice of ground cover around the boxes.

When the weather clears, I need to go into the other areas around the house and get the weeds removed. I must also make up the garlic bug spray that I may need, giving it time to percolate and become especially nasty to the bugs. (grin)

We got the squirrel trap. We passed on the large raccoon trap, in hopes we will not need one. I know, we just doomed ourselves.

I will planting the next batches of seeds in the peat turds Monday. I am sprouting them in groups so I can rotate the plants into and out of the beds. I read last night our planting zone has gone down to 5b-6a. At the Co-Op down in Sandpoint, they said planting zone had actually went down to 4-5. Bloody hell. Ah well, I will try to work around it.

They had their second batch of chicks at the Co-Op. they were already gone. they get more and ducks Wednesday. We have to decide soon? Will there be chicks and ducks in our back bathroom for a while while we scramble to build a chicken and/or duck condo?

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