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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Name these bugs...please

I posted this over in my gardening blog. Warning, the photos below are gross. I dug these up today. The few I found the last two days went death-by-trowel. I cannot find them in any of my books or online I had also found yesterday a grasshopper-like albino, slimy thing I smashed, not thinking to sharing with others to find out what it was. Lucky you to miss it. the fat white wormy-things have 6 little legs to the front. They are not only groww, they are wrong-looking. Ew!

I have not been knitting and the like. I have blisters that formed under my gardening gloves and my hands hurt right now. Since it is supposed to rain the next day or so, I am going to rest a bit, catch up on some reading. And napping. sleeping with fried-skin shoulders is not fun. I posted in my garden blog what I have been up to, and I am not retyping it.

I hope to get back into craft work once I get the garden going. Time to put more aloe vera gel and lavender oil on my tender shoulders....


  1. ok so where is the garden blog and did you get *the package?* I have seen similar wormy creations at the bottom of my fish pond. can't be tasty as they don't eat them!


    There is a link under my latest mug-shot.

    YES! I wanted to call, but was baking my brains in the sun trying to get the soil ready for next month. It is going to rain and storm, so figured I could curl up with a drink and call to chat.

    A huge "thank you!" but still going to call tomorrow afternoon or the next.

    Fish must be smart. I wonder what the robins would do?

  3. I have seen worms of that type in the bottom of my fish pond. The fish don't eat them, could *that* be our first clue?

    Did ya get the soap?