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Monday, May 2, 2011

The squirrel buffet is closed

We ended up catching two squirrels. One managed to get into the car and decimate the black stuff on the hood. Firewall? I have no clue as to what it is called, but it is gone in the middle of the hood. It looks like it can be replaced. We have to replace it or it will bubble the paint on the hood on long trips. The two girls were making nests. We relocated them to a wildness area with no one around. They were pissed when released, but should be able to do well in the area.

We took down all the squirrel feeders. We felt bad about it, but we had no choice. The squirrels did too much damage and we cannot afford it. If we had a garage to hide the vehicles in, that would of been another thing. They made us feel guilty for days. It was not hard. ah well... We moved the bird feeder way out. One squirrel shinnies up the pole. (laughing) The squirrel feeders also fed the larger birds.Some went over to the relocated bird feeder, some did not.

I have been busy being Farmer Jane. No, trying to be Farmer Jane. A lot of people up here are growing food this year. Some are made partnerships, sharing the cost of raising various meat-critters. With gas prices rising to levels that they should hold a gun to you as you pump out the gas, and food prices rising with it, people are doing what they can to survive. It is not like there will be any jobs any time soon to buy something as frivolous as foods. The upside I heard is that "we" are all growing organic and heirloom veggies and fruits. Most people around here will not eat the "dead", industrial-grown, "pie-zoned", real-imitation veggies and meats in the grocery stores. The farmer's markets and local butchers are always busy up here.

We thought about a chicken coop, but we do not have time this year. Plus, let us see if I can overcome my Black Thumb of Death first before adding to the load.

Oooo! Or duckies! If I can eat duck eggs, that would be better. We would have to set a coop that could be moved in the winter to a warmer area near the house. How to heat it? We also would like a greenhouse to extend the growing time, but we are still working on how to warm it too. Solar? Too expensive. The sun-warmed part will not be available in the winter up here. I have more research to do.

It seems I lost a lot of weight. My traveling/work jeans are so loose, I can pull them down without unbuttoning them. I was trying to dig in the garden and keep my pants from falling off. Himself said that if I wore those low undies, I would have some serious butt-crack disease going. I think I have an old pair of overalls in the drawer. I might as well look the part, right?

I am learning how to make my own lotions and such. So far, I have had success. I like how my homemade stuff works and smells. Cool... the prices for herbs at the larger health food store is rather high. I need to find an affordable mail-order source. I hate to do that, but I am not rich. (Money-wise, that is.)

We saw the coolest thing when driving down to town today, an eagle sunning itself. We had never seen that.
The pot is whistling. Time for coffee and wait for the next round of rain to hit.

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