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Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Photos (Black Thumb of Death Gardening)

Edit: I have imported this from my The Black Thumb of Death Gardening Blog to my regular blog...  

Things are moving along well. I am still in awe that I got something to grow and keep growing, not fall over shrivel and die a horrible death. I am sure I am still on a wanted poster for multiple offenses of planticide. On my other blog is a few canned items, if one likes looking at jarred food.

Okay... This is a photo of more bellpeppers appearing. (Why does spell-check hate the way I have spelled "bellpepper" since a child?) It is a grouping of three. The others I pictured previously are getting bigger by the day.

This is a wax pepper. A very happy wax pepper. It is sticking straight up in the air at the top of the plant.

This is a cayenne pepper. Another very happy pepper sticking straight up in the air at the top of the plant. Is there something going on when I am not looking?

mmmmmm... Tomatoes. The first one to form is above.

Stepping back a teeny bit, you can see more are forming.

A tomato bloom. Pretty things. The bees love them. I like what they become.

As mentioned in a previous post, I allowed one plant of each variety to go to seed. The weird looking bit above is radish. I think I got cherry belles... Or belle cherry. No matter. They are quite tasty and not hot. I am guessing the alien-cactus-like green things are the seed pods.

See the yellow wheat-ish stuff inside the red circle? There is an arrow pointing. See? The first ear of corn will be forming soon! I forgot the name for that bit. It is a good sign, yes?

Tomight I go look at the cabbages. Something is eating holes in the leaves. I did kill some cabbage moths, but I still have not found a worm to warrant the holes on outer leaves. One one head has a few holes on one outer leaf. I am not sure if the worms or caterpillars come out at night, but I am going to try. I have managed to kill some brownish grasshopper-like bugs too. It is not easy and I have only been successful half of the time. They hop. I do not, nor am I quick enough to catch one. I did get to stomp a few that landed out of the beds, smashing them to nothing.


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