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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Night of the Triffids! with blather

Tonight will be a good night to watch the meteor shower for us on the western side of the States. Friday is the best, but with a full moon this Saturday, it may be a problem, depending on when the moon rises.

We went down to Spokane for some things. We found what we needed at one store and the rest were duds. On our way along Sprague Avenue, we came across the closed restaurant/bar. Fu Bar. FUBAR. heehee. Sorry about the tiny photo. I am a dolt when it comes to a cell phone camera.

I have been canning quite a bit. I will take photos and post them in a day or so. For now, more boring plant photos.

No honey to be found locally. We never had spring and went right into summer in June. There are tons of bees in my garden. We are guessing that the honey will be late-coming this year. Dang, raw organic sugar in my bread for a while, I guess. I substitute one cup of the sugar in jam recipes with honey. It really adds an excellent flavor and creaminess to the jams. The peach and peaches... (drool)

The lobelia is still blooming!

I forgot I planted some Ziar Poppies. Gorgeous flowers. The seed pods are already formed and the blooms gone. I had forgotten to post these last week.

The Tiger Lilies are about to open. Those black balls on the stems are seeds, I believe. I popped some in various areas around the yards in hope we get more. The ones I found and pushed into the dirt produced some beginning stems, so I may be right. Are you not dazzled with my (lack) of knowledge?

This is a photo of the wild mix for birds and hummingbirds. Today, a new variety bloomed, Indian Blanket.

The black oil sunflower seeds for the birds that grew from the spillage are now opening up. At first the green part in the center looks like an artichoke.The birds will love them. I grew a normal eating variety against the house. Those will get netting around them so we get our own.

I must get photos of the hats I have knitted so far. I am in the process of knitting an Invader Zim GIR hat for the step-granddaughter. I hope to not go blind using Monkey-Vomit green (bright lime) yarn or when making the tongue in SHOCKING pink. oof. So far, the pattern is coming along nicely. I got the pattern from Ravelry. The artist, Mei Lynne Travis, made this for her daughter.

We had bacon and biscuits tonight, Himself adding eggs and me having Wheat Montana's 7-Grain hot cereal. We tried three flavors of the jams- peach, raspberry and huckleberry. Do I need to try to describe just how delicious they were?

I was up until this morning, so must try to get a few winks tonight after watching the meteor shower.If I never return, the Triffids got me.

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