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Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall is Here! and Some Notes (Black Thumb of Death Gardening)

Edit: I have imported this from my The Black Thumb of Death Gardening Blog to my regular blog...  

It is cool and rainy. It has been like this for a good week. We had a couple of light frosts. The first killed the biggest leaves on the pumpkins. The smaller leaves are still fine and the pumpkins seemed to be okay so far. The corn is ripening, we hope it makes it.

The photo was the garden a month ago. It is hard to see, but the best I could get that day.

Our tomato plants have one almost-ripe tomato. Not shown, but it is the plant shown.

Like everyone else in the North, we are hoping for a few warm days to come back so they finish! We will probably have to pull the plants, hang them, and hope for ripening. It sucks, but I am willing to do anything to save all those lovely tomatoes.

That watermelon I showed last month? The clues to ripeness is- butter-yellow on the bottom, size, the tendril dead and sound. It had everything but the tendril going for it. Himself thumped it and we picked it off the vine. It sat on the counter a week, then we cut into it. Barely pink inside. Dang! It was juicy, a mild watermelon taste, but not what it could of been if we waited a little longer. Lesson learned. There are a couple of others trying to ripen. If they make it, we will be surprised. They are covered in straw in the hopes the warmth will aid them some.

Our sunflowers should of been put against a fence or something. they are in bondage right now because they are interrupting Himself's satellite TV. They seem to be ripening okay.

The kidney and black beans are done. I will plant more next year. I got enough dried beans for one pot of chili or something similar. The green beans are still producing, as are the crookneck and zucchini squashes. The spaghetti squashes are ripening. We ended up with only three after dealing with the stupid earwigs.

The leeks are doing their thing. I harvested some small garlics, the fall crop is now coming up.

The sweet potatoes I started way too late will be pulled. Lesson learned. The celery may make it. the chili peppers are finally turning a nice red. The bell peppers have a few peppers ripening, their last.

So far, I am pleased with what I got. I never expect half of what I got. Raised-bed gardening may be sneered at by the experts, but I live in a region with a short growing season. One needs to be able to cover a bed quickly against early frosts, even in the middle of the night. I will be able to rotate the plants grown and try again next year. I am already planning next year's garden! I am adding more beds, too. I was hoping to be able to get the beds ready now so spring will be a breeze, but I do not see that being viable at this point. Ah well....

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