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Monday, November 14, 2011


For the first time in something like a decade, I have a cold. It is worth it, seeing my daughter and her little family. I have not used any sort of cold "medication". Instead, I have been resting, drinking a tea of freshly chopped ginger with a slice of lemon and dollop of local honey, herbal teas, and good food. I have not noticed the difference between the two methods except my sinuses are not clogged, I am not jittery nor do I have an upset stomach. Hmmmm... So I did not spend dollars for a useless "medication". Win-win?

Why is it when one visits, no matter how long you stay, it seems you arrive one day and leaving the next? I swear it felt like that. My visit for the day with Stephenie and Alden (Dragonfly Farms) seemed to be mere minutes, even with a one hour stop for more hugs from them the day before we left. It was like I was in a time warp that whizzed by. and yet, the driving through the deserts of Nevada and Oregon was butt-numbingly long. My time with my daughter and grandson is never long enough. Ever. They may disagree? (laughing)

Sigh... That is the only imperfect thing about living where we do- those we love are so far away. I love our home and where we live. I feel so lucky to be here. It is beautiful, for starters. I love my family and friends. It divides me at times. I hope to squeeze in a flax spinning class with Stephenie my next visit down when the baby is born in May. New baby and tiny toes to tickle. Learning to spin a new-to-me fiber. Does life get any better than this? Nope.

I have been knitting up some wristlets?...fingerless thingies?, for my step-granddaughter. Those are sinfully quick! She turned 16 today. She loved the pair I made for her early holiday prezzie, along with all the hats, (shown in previous posts). My grandson's fish hat was a huge hit. I found a modified version made into a shark. He loves sharks. That will be next along with the wristlet thingies for my daughter. Oh, a plain cap for my son-in-law. Until we have the news on whether the new baby will be a boy or girl, I am on stand-by for some of the baby knitting. I found the cutest sock monkey baby hat to knit. At least it will not matter whether it will be a boy or girl for that item.

I am enjoying knitting for others again. I need to dye some fiber and spin up enough for a project to knit on the next couple of months while I recuperate from surgery coming up in December. I have a ton of books and my Kindle to occupy my time too. I do not dare bead. I know what I will do- I would want to dig through my boxes for another color or type of bead and get myself in trouble for heavy lifting, or try to get Himself to squeeze into my over-crowded little room and drag stuff out for me. I know my tendencies and the heft of my bead boxes. (laughing) I do need a nice hooded sweater and will indulge myself this time while "behaving". And yes, it hurts to behave.

I spent this weekend having a private Harry Potter DVD weekend from start to finish. I liked watching the kids grow up and watching the story unfold smoothly throughout the weekend. It has to be one of my favorite book series. Funny, but the young man who played Draco Malfoy looks very much like my son-in-law, but his hairline is receding faster than my son-in-law's. Since his father has so many children, one wonders if he visited England at some point? (laughing)

The news says we will have weathers down into the teens and snow. Winter came early for the second year in a row.I am glad I did not attempt a winter garden. I do not think they will thrive up our way.

That is about all the blather I can come up tonight. Sleepy yet?


  1. Have you tried elderberry tea, tons of Vitamin C.

  2. Yes, Jess. Also using ginger with lemon and raw, local honey. I was over the cold a few days after whinging about it.