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Sunday, March 25, 2012

...and it begins (Black Thumb of Death Gardening

Edit: I have imported this from my The Black Thumb of Death Gardening Blog to my regular blog...  

I started the tomatoes, peppers and tobacco in an indoor growing tent. I want them to be ready to hit the dirt before we have to go to see our new grandbaby due at the end of May.

It was beautiful out today. The snow is melting off quickly. We are supposed to get rain all week. I may go out and get the straw off the beds so they can warm in the sun when the weather clears and to more easily get them ready for planting.

I am still dithering over hoops and the like. A drip-water system is a must for this spring. The young woman to take care of stuff when we have to go for a bit no longer lives here. I am definitely putting sides (raised beds) on the rest of the garden beds. The ones without last yer did not hold water as well as those with the raised beds. I also had more pest problems in those without the sides. So... more untreated cedar is on the shopping list.

The potatoes will get their own beds/boxes this year instead of the straw thing i did last year. I am going for the highest yield. I am becoming a food snob, preferring home-grown flavor.

The beds are are mapped out on a grid. I know... it is anal. It does help me plant enough and know what went where.

My new puppy loves veggies. he is going to love the fresh stuff too. May we have Spring this year. It was missed last year.

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