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Thursday, March 22, 2012

It is Spring....somewhere

We woke up to 4+" of snow this morn. Will we have a Spring and summer this year? Inquiring minds want to know.

I am plugging away on my Mom's silk scarf. I am about halfway done. Her birthday was back on the 13th. (sigh) It is coming out quite lovely. I hope she likes it. I had dyed some silk caps a grayish blue with hints of purple here and there. I can always over-dye if she does not like the purple hue gently going through the scarf here and there. I had spun it before I had my surgery back in December. I went with Feather and Fan in garter. It suits the fiber, I think.It will be fully reversible.

Sally has healed quite well. She was using her paw as a weapon for a while, though she could bound through the room without a limp.

She was a booger yesterday. I can take anything out of her mouth- food, treats, toys... No problem. But if I try to take an item she found that was tracked inside, she becomes a piranha. It is something we will have to work and correct. She bit quite hard. Over what? No clue. She swallowed it.

Later that morning, she got a bath. I put her in the tub to blow dry her. It was much easier, not having a table to put her up on. She does not care for the blow dryer, though it is not a loud model. It is too cold to let her air-dry.

 She had not had her afternoon nap yet. She was looking pretty sleepy here. you can see the lighter hair coming up on her face, like reverse eyebrows. Her white ruff is still there and she is getting more, but it is a dark brown. She is also getting lighter tips on her ears. Her merle spots and intensifying on her tummy and legs. It will interesting to see how her coat changes as she matures. Her eyes do not seem to be gray anymore, but a golden greenish brown. It may be the light inside giving her eyes those colors.

You know how sometimes the camera catches one at the exact wrong moment? Doesn't Sally look like she was on a 3-day toot? Poor girl. I keep laughing at this photo.

It is very hard to capture her  coloring, even outside.

She loved her puppy socialization classes. Her last class is next week. The local pet store owner said we could come down to the store so Sally can play with her Yorkie puppy of the same age and her slightly older dog. Sally loved the last time we were there. She is very social with dogs and people. I want to keep that going.

Nothing else is really going on right now. Between chores, I play with Sally or knit. I think I am very lucky.


  1. My little maltese Finley "Finn" brings in branches that fall from the wind. He will chew on it until their is no bark on the branch. I am constanly getting little things out of his mouth, and his teeth are really sharp...puppy teeth. But if I try to put something in his mouth, like a pill, no way will he open that little mouth. He can find the tiny things that no one can see. Finn also hates to be left we are going through the growing pains and loving every minute. Hi Sally, Finn!

  2. Oof - you're getting snow, and we're into summer. Frankly, 85F in March is over the top. Sally's a doll; you're giving me puppy envy.

  3. Finn sounds cute! Photo on the blog.

    You know me, Jola Gayle... I need a little furry one to keep my dark essence in check. We are supposed to get rain for the next week instead of snow. Your temps are awful! I am still going out and work on the beds, rain or not.

  4. Aw, she's a darling! Be interesting to see what color she turns out but whatever it is will be fine. You're right, it's the personality that's the important part.