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Monday, May 28, 2012

Plus one!

I prefer to not post personal photos of family and friends... But I must post the first photo I took of my new grandson!

He was born May 14th, 6 pounds, 2 ounces. He has put on at least a pound by today's posting. His name is Brayden Garrett. He is a milk-monkey, always at my duaghter's breasts. (laughing)

My daughter took him in the stroller today for a walk around her neighborhood. He loved it, smiling and making happy noises. He did not like when the sun hit his eyes. He especially did not like Mom putting a shade over the stroller bonnet to shade his eyes. He wanted to see out!

I love cuddling him. He is a sweetie. My first grandson, Aaron, is a proud big brother. We will be bringing him back with us soon for his summer vacation. That has become a tradition for him. We all enjoy the time together.

I was busting my hinny to get the garden planted before the baby was born. I planted over 600 sq.-feet of garden in two days. Woof! We set up sprinklers, not relying on our normal rainfall.
Sally traveled quite well. She took to the rest stops and the motel very well. She did not like the hallway to the room. It has a low ceiling and carpet right out of "The shining". She will also not go down stairs. It is the only motel that allows pets! Man... Motels are getting so unfriendly.

As you can see, she did not like her special car seat. I took the photo showing her laying on her back, head hanging out the front. She does not like being harnessed into it. She did relax quite well.

The tulips had bloomed before we went to see our new grandson.

The deep purple ones were almost black.

The ones that were supposed to be red and yellow came up hot pink. They changed into a reddish color.

We also have grouse! The photo is blurry. Sorry. It was so far away and I did not want to get too close and scare it away.

Our trip down was normal- Ugly south-eastern corner of Oregon with no amenities and threats of fines for just breathing while driving through. It is the longest two hours (with no bathroom) we have to endure. Not that we litter, but $6250 littering fine? And a 55 mph speed limit when there is nothing out there at all? Not friendly. They know people are stuck driving through it if they need to get to the Sierras.

Nevada is still ugly, too. ugh. I do not enjoy any of the desert views at all, obviously. I find no beauty in them. It is the start of our trip on the second day down and the first day back home to drive through these two desert areas. Icky-poo. The price of gas in Kalifornia is beyond outrageous. They should have armed, masked people when you buy your gas. No wonder this state is still tanking. There is no viable excuse for their prices. I know they are not spending the road tax money gleaned from their various taxes on interstate highway 88. It was last properly resurfaced over 25 years ago. Since then, they have done the worst patch jobs ever conceived. If we still lived in this nasty state, I would be screaming at the state capital about the highway. It not right this highway has been ignored for so long.

Well... That is it for now. We still have not set up all our visits with friends. Everyone is busy. We are enjoying our time with our grandson and his new little brother. I do not think I have to mention how much we love seeing our daughter, do I?


  1. Your new grandson is adorable...I am so glad you shared him. Love the post, thank you for sharing!!! Hugs, Mary

  2. Lovely baby. Hope everyone is doing well.