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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

As time flies by...

We have been so busy. My oldest grandson, visiting for the month, has been using my computer to play Wizard 101 with Himself. I have been spinning and knitting in the evening while watering and weeding the garden when the weather permits.

My camera battery is on back-order. I am inflicting cell phone shots on the blog. No apologies. It is all I have at the moment.

I cannot wait to get our Directv shut off. I have had enough of the garbage. Paying for TV is ridiculous. The majority of channels are infommercials, selling cheap junk with "technology" (snort), or new "systems". I have no curiousity to as what a "Brazilian Butt Lift" is or want to use the "system" to acquire one.
We spent almost a month with our family, getting some time with our newest grandson. He is growing so much! He is propped up in the shot here. He is not quite sure of that...or upset at being so far from his food source. He is working on holding his head up. He still does not like his front-pack. If he is in the pack, facing his food sources, he wants to be fed, not carried around. (laughing)
I have to say, trying to arrange photos in the (downgraded) new blog interface sucks putty. (sigh)

Himself fenced in the whole carport for Sally. When we got back, she was spayed and chipped. Between the long time span being out of town, traveling, and getting the surgery, she seems to have "forgotten" her potty training. Fencing in the carport so she can free-range the potty area has helped her get back on track.
A few photos of the yard area. The garden survived the hard downpours that have stormed through lately. You can barely make out some stuff. My cell phone is our house phone. I talk on it. Äll the apps and junk hold no interest for me. I cannot imagine scanning some code on an ad into my phone or using it to get online, putting one's passwords and account at risk. If anyone thinks it is safe, they are mistaken. The people on my list that have had their accounts compromised all post from their phones. I cannot believe anyone thinks it is safe, but it is not my business, is it?
The first photo is of the blue flax, right after a downpour. It is blooming constantly at this point. The storms have knocked the flowers down, and I forget to get a better one when they reappear. The one to the right is the yarrow. Some of it looks to have pink flowers! Great stuff, yarrow. Excellent on wounds to staunch bleeding. Himself drilled into his finger while putting in Sally's fence. Washing off the leaves, laying them on the nasty wound stopped the flow of blood in minutes. (Do I need to repeat I am not an expert, doctor and all the rest... Making my comments nothing more than my opinions and not advice to keep the federal gestapo agents from thew FDA from storming my property for "illegally" using my 1st Amendment rights?

Next, we have the berry bushes. The josta has berries! What color and flavor they will be, I have no clue. Only one blueberry is blooming. I am new to berry bushes. they were so expensive,

I only bought three bushes. You are supposed to get at least 2 of the blueberry varieties.

This is a far shot of the area under some lovely fir trees. It is filled with mostly wild daisies, mullan, echinecea, violets... I wish it was close enough to see how pretty they are.

Being gone for so long, we lost our flock of hummingbirds. I had 3 feeders up, which did not last quite long enough for them to stay around. A couple did come back once I refilled the feeders. When we have a larger amount around, with their babies that come soon after they settle, we have no mosquitoes. Without the birds, it is suck-city around here.

It is pouring. Digital TV is so much better! It handles every kind of weather we have, even heavy snow, the picture coming through clearly, except when it rains more than 5 drops. The satellite gives a pixelated picture, squeaking starts and that is the end. Yep, time to get rid of this (non)service. Paying for TV is stupid, anyway. I really do not like our new HD TV, except that it is lighter and easier to dust around. Like the majority of appliances, the frame is black. WHY?!, oh WHY!? do is all electrical crap black? It draws dust. It always looks dirty all the time, even right after dusting them. I was very glad to get rid of our electrical stove, upgrading to a gas one. If we could afford a new fridge, the ugly monstrosity would go. It is black. It is ugly. It stands out like a large zit on the end of one's nose. It darkens the room, it is so ugly. My daughter bought a house with a black fridge and range. Both are horrors to keep clean. The son-in-law likes them. He does not ahve to clean the ugly things. ugh.

I miss the old days of TVs wrapped in a nice wood box. I miss when one needed a new appliance, which lasted at least 15 to 20 years, standard, you had to special order any other color than white and special request the ice maker. Now, all comes in black or silver. Nasty. Fridges come standard with the space-grabbing ice maker and crap in the door for ice and water dispensing. I guess people these days are too ignorant to handle ice trays and getting water from their faucets or something like our big Berkey water filter thingie.

Oops. I think I already bored everyone with my whining over standard appliance colors and the lack of integrity when it comes to the short, useless warranties. the garbage produced today is lucky to last 5 years, cost twice as much, has too much computerized garbage on them, and ugly as they can make it. I am sure this rant will be repeated when I have to replace yet another item that went tits up when it becomes 5 years plus 1 day old. (grumble)

All the blathering above seems to be grumbling, yet I am in a good mood. I have two shirts knitted up and ready to wear. Yeah...yeah... I need photos. I am starting a 3rd out of yarns on hand. The 4th will have to wait for me to order some more cotton yarn. I spun up a bunch, but not enough. the pattern calls for holding 2 strands of a fingering-weight mohair/silk blend together on #5 needles. The 2 strands makes it sports-weight. The yarn called for is itchy, not suitable for a tank top in my opinion. Finding a good 100% cotton sports-weight yarn is not easy. The prices... I have been spoiled by my handspun, that is for sure!

Enough baloney out of me for now...

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  1. Grumbling is allowed, I do my fair share sometimes. I love the baby picture. And Sally will catch on again real fast. Have a great day. Mary