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Friday, June 15, 2012

Catch up

Man! Time flies. I had taken a few shots of the tulips before we left to go see our new grandson and bring the older one back here. Sadly, the tulips had done their thing, the blooms were gone by time we got back home. The soapwort, yarrow and blue flax bloomed, though. I have blue, white and pink flowers lining my garden.

It is hard going back to a state I detest. It is worth it to see my loved ones. I only got to see one close friend (too briefly), and not one I had not seen in years. I thought the price of food here was high! Bloody hell! California prices are- "...That is American dollars?!" woof. No wonder people are still leaving the state. Who can afford to eat and live there for too long if it keeps on the current path? woof!

I am very glad to be home. My new grandson put on a good 3 pounds while we were there.We brought our older grandson back with us. It has become a tradition for him to spend a month here until after the Fourth of July. We have real fireworks we can set off ourselves. He has a great time with his Papa doing "male" stuff, too. Next year we will get him after his father's birthday and Father's Day. Our weather is too spring-like until then, lots of rain and cooler temps. Spending part of his time here inside sucks.

It did not help that we both feel asleep last night before he did. Miss Sally was spayed and chipped yesterday. She had an impacted tooth they found and removed that too. I spent the time while she was having surgery replacing the tomato and pepper plants that died or were eaten while we were gone. Once we brought her home, she curled up in my arms and slept for hours until she woke up, did not make it to the door and widdled. She then went under the couch to sleep for a bit. I woke up on the couch with her curled up next to me and our grandson in bed. We set up a normal-sized ottoman and a shorter one as a step to the couch. She seems to have made it up them okay.

She is under the couch right now. I had pulled her out from under the couch on Wednesday for her bath before the surgery. She did not like that, taking her out from her quiet place and bathing her. She snapped at me for trying to put the drying drops in her ears. Time for more training. Little booger.
 The photo is a little blurry. My battery pack for my camera died and it was plugged in, leaving me a short area to take photos. You can make out she is smiling. Himself was waving a cookie her way to keep her attention.

I am learning to be an "alpha". She sees himself as an alpha, but not me. She thinks she owns me, not the other way around. sigh... I have a soft voice and wear glasses (when I want to see something close up.) Both are minuses when training a dog. they cannot see your eyes with glasses, something they watch for signals. A firm voice is important too. I could give my daughter and grandson a "look" and get the message across. Sally does not respond to the Mommy Stinkeye at all.
I got a photo of her profile, in her stance when she wants something, like that cookie himself was holding. Her ears are getting a white lining on the edges. The longer overcoat is starting to come in by the hair. You cannot see the hairs stand out a good 2 inches past her coat in the photos. she looks somewhat scruffy. Some call this stage "The Puppy Uglies". Nah... I think she is cute no matter what.

I hope we can get to the local farmer's market this weekend. We should have our lettuce grown enough next week to start picking leaves for salads. In the meantime, we get our stuff from the market.

We have to go down to the city Tuesday for my last follow-up visit to the surgeon. We will take our grandson to the comic book store. He and Himself will visit a few sporting goods stores too. I will be tending to Sally while they browse.

The cost of CA was so high, I doubt I can afford to peek into a bead shop I have yet to visit. All the local yarn shops are gone. The closest thing is a Ben Franklin Crafts for supplies. I hope one has appeared down in Coeur d'Alene, but I doubt it. so many shops have closed down in the last two years. With Borders going out of business, there is no longer a large book shop. The smaller ones do not carry the books I prefer- tarot and the like. I am considered subversive in CA for not being a neo-socialist-communist and subversive here for not believing in deities and doing "unchristian" things. (rolling eyes at both) Ah well. I am who I am.I not part of the herd. I never was part of the larger herd in CA either. (laughing)

May everyone have a lovely weekend with matching weather. We might. (grin)

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