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Monday, July 23, 2012

...and the blathering continues

How is this photo for an opener? She is due for her toenail clipping and a bath. We did not want to inflict all of that right after we got back from taking our grandson back home. We had bathed her, then had her spayed and chipped within days of getting home after being away for a good month to see the new grandson and bring our older one home with us. We did not want her to think she would be tortured after each trip. You can just make our her smile. Her fur is coming in nicely. She is getting white along the tips of her ears. It is quite cute.
We have some of the josta and blueberries ripening. We are guessing we pick and freeze as they ripen. We only have one bush of the josta and two blueberry bushes. One is not doing well, having only a couple of berries appearing. I hope we can add to the bushes down the road. They are expensive, of course.

I had borage pop up all over the place. I moved some of it to a slope that could use it. I hope to clear off the slope from all the weeds, except the wild roses, and plant the marauding mint, the borage and maybe some more yarrow. All would make nice coverage of the slope. The bees and hummingbirds will love it too. The mint along the back of the house has to be whacked back. It is overwhelming a small lilac bush I saved. I hope for the lilac to take off well enough to reach the window above. I have another lilac around the corner to the right, under the window there. Can you imagine how lovely the scent will be coming in the windows when they bloom?

I had planted Echinecea last year. Late Fall, it came up in one spot. I thought it was a bust. this spring it popped up in all the places I planted it, with the small bit that came up last Fall about to bloom. I cannot wait to see the blooms when they fully develop. They should be beautiful. The yarrow I planted from seed, (we have wild yarrow all over the place), popped up this year, too. Some of the flowers are whitish. the rest are pnk and yellowish. The flowers remind me a little of lantana. I love that plant. It does not do well here, besides being dangerous to have around pets.

The bunny eludes the trap. He may of grown too big for it! Dang. We do not know if we can borrow a larger one. The live-trap was for our Douglas squirrels. They are small. We never thought about hares being a problem. We were more worried about the deer, elk and moose. Ah well?

I ended up buying some Red Heart acky-lack yarn for the grandbaby's sweater. We went with woodland varigated. It is rather Fall-like in coloring. There was nothing in vibrant colors that either did not poke your eye out or pastels. Or girlie. Choices were a tad slim. I hope that washing the heck out of it with a good fabric softener will make it more pleasant. Ugh! I know... it will be easier for my daughter to care for, being able to thrown it into the washer and dryer. I think I will make the next one out of a washable wool. I have found those to not be itchy and hold up well to our older grandson's use. They live in the Sierras. It is still not as cool there is it is here, and they are a good 2000' elevation higher up the hill than we are. I am using a Lion Brand pattern- amazing Colorplay Hoodie. I could not find their Amazing-brand yarn at Wally world. I did not feel like driving down to Ben Franklin Crafts, which carries some of the Lion yarns. Lazy. The gauge works out at least. It looks like Wally World is slowly dropping yarns alltogether. Their shelves are emptying and nothing si being replaced. It was the one local place I could go for cones of cotton yarn. Dang. I know supplies are going up in price everywhere, like everything else. It still sucks.

Our weather has been very wet. Taking photos of the tops I knitted myself has not been in the cards lately. I hope to do so soon. One, I can give the lnk to the pattern. Another is one I adapted from a Lion brand free crochet pattern. The third I made up, based a little on the two I first knitted in concept. The one I knitted fully from the pattern is a mauvish-pink. It is almost nauseating. (laughing)

In other news... Nothing much, though Sally has been a bit off today. She is skitty, like something is off in the universe. It is not normal for her to be skitty. Maybe she is having an off-day. I need to finish a beading project and start on another. I bounce between projects like crazy. I never get bored that way. It also gives me pause when working on a project I am designing as I make it, keeping things fresh. 

Back to sleep, ya' all...

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