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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Empty needles

Empty knitting needles is a sad sight. I need to find and buy yarn for my next project. I have to leave the property to do that. Getting into the car is still a bit abhorrent. Two days on the road, I just cannot bring myself to go anywhere. Terrible, really. I still have not visited a new weaving and fiber shop in downtown Sandpoint. I think I saw yarn on the shelves too when I peeked in, but I cannot swear to it. I need cotton yarn, meaning I may have to still order it. It is not easy to find cotton yarn unless it is for crocheting fine items or the thick kitchen cotton varieties.

That bunny in the last episode of my boring life? It reappeared tonight. I have to say there is nothing funnier than hearing a large, middle-aged man yelling, "Bad Bunny! Get out of there! Go! Shoo!", then to see him chase it out of the sacred strawberry bed with a handheld bug zapper. He put out the small live-trap with a carrot inside. He will change the bait tomorrow if it does not work. The bunny will be relocated, like the squirrel minions who started eating our vehicles. If he is unsuccessful, he said he will do the "dirty deed". A hare, even if a young one, will wipe out the garden. We cannot afford that, nor do we want that to happen.

Has anyone seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on TV? We watched it on the Food Channel while visiting our daughter. He was at a West Virginian elementary school for the US version. Bloody hell. Pizza for breakfast. Chicken nuggets and french fries for lunch. They went home and ate the same things for dinner. The USDA and ADA guidelines for acceptable meals for school children are awful. It is pure junk. He reported it is as bad at the British schools, with the same health problems occurring in their children too. The show was stunning and sad to watch. No wonder Americans are getting larger and sicker, it starts at the school lunch program, ingraining the worst eating habits from the start.

Dang, I have become such a food nazi and snob! I thought I was bad about knitting with handspun! (laughing and rolling my eyes at myself...)

Himself and I were working on the property today. He was weed-whacking and I was finishing up on the weeds around the garden boxes. The darn things liked me being gone for so long. they bred faster than two wire hangers left alone overnight. The mullein was marching down the garden area, plotting a full takeover. I need to make the "safe" ant bait too. I noticed there was quite a few illegal-entry aphids working in forced labor camps on some of the plants. I had released some lady bugs. It must of been too early, they moved on or the heavy rains did them in.

Himself noticed robins had made a nest behind the Directv dish. Luckily, the nest is now empty. He will have to remove something from it when we shut it off. The wasps have been happy too. They made a perfect pot-shaped nest, hanging from the highest eave on the house.

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