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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home again, home again...

...jiggety-jig! As usual, glad to be home. Sad to be away from my loved ones. We got to squeeze our new grandson a bit. He is adorable. Our time with our older grandson was wonderful, as usual, too. I got home to my new camera battery, meaning no new photos of the baby. That sucks, no?

Our trip home was strange. We drove through the burned 45,000+ acres in south-eastern OR. It was awful. There was bunny Armageddon all over the highway. Poor things were trying to get away from the fire (that jumped the highway at some point), ending up as part of the highway. Once we got past that, with no usual roadwork warning, they stopped traffic for highway work. For 1/2 of an hour. In 104F heat. It is a good thing our car handles idling with the A/C on high for that length of time. One would think they would warn you, not that there is an alternate route. (sigh) It was Hell in southern ID, too. Taking Sally out for "relief" was like walking out into an oven. ugh. It was in the high 70s when we left at 4 am to head home northwards.

For the first time in 4 years, a rock hit our windshield, making a little star. We have been lucky all those years before. Easy fix. We thought. An hour later, something large flew by after being hit by a neighboring vehicle's wheels, luckily missing my window. It skittered across the windshield, hitting the driver's side at the edge, making 2 more stars...and a 8" crack. Bloody hell. New windshield will have to be installed before winter. (big sigh) We were not hurt, which is the main thing.

It was in the mid-90s when we got home. Here. Unusual. Nasty. One reason we moved here was to escape the heat. We opened up the house, which was still bearable inside. We do not have A/C. Why when it does not get hot here? We have a small portable swamp cooler in the shed. We were planning to get it for today. The grand-daddy of all thunder and lightening storms hit last night. I have never seen such lightening as what hit last night or heard thunder go on for that long! The downpour was something fierce, with more coming.  At least the temps have come down a bit.My plants survived. It may of killed the mole on our yard. Oh darn. Not.

A hare's warren may of been flooded because we saw a little one hop out of the forest into our yard. With a garden and no fencing, one should do the "dirty deed". I cannot. I mean, look at this little guy-

To the left, he does not look all that small. To the right with the wheelbarrow wheels behind him, you can see how tiny he is! I hope he moves on. I just cannot do anything one would normally do to protect their garden. :(

On that note, something "dire" to me- the ever-growing fascism going on with the feds and their agencies. Every time I, stupidly, read the news, another new, stupid regulation or a mini-dictator director pops up or some agency inflicts even worse regulations. This one is to inflict gestapo-like rules from the ADA. Is it not bad enough what the FDA, USDA and the rest of the alphabet does? A blogger posted- (clickable link)

ADA to Members: Spy on Private Citizens to Stifle Competition

Another blogger was threatened by the same agency for daring to post what he did to fight his diabetes. Huh? Reading about people being threatened for growing gardens was bad enough. Yet it continues. I am already labeled a subversive "T-word" by the FBI and gestapo (DHS) for growing, canning and stocking up food for the winter, and my beliefs which include being as self-sufficient as possible. If I was a Christian or right-winger, it would be even worse! (Yes, there is documentation on their websites stating their whole manifesto on these issues.) By our own government?! Guess what people? There is no boogieman under your bed. There was none back in the McCarthyism days either. Living in fear of these illusions is insane. What did Franklin say? something like- Those who give up freedom for the sake of security and safety deserve "neither."?

People are broken. Really, really broken.

Cruds. I do not mean to get "political". oops. The stuff above really frosts my biscuits and I cannot stop myself from letting it out. I will shut up now. It is my dogma and my problem. (grin)

On a very different note, I am making up a pattern for a tank top. i have ripped it out numerous times. I am making notes, erasing what does not work. I hope to be able to post the pattern and photo when done. Having my camera working again I will take photos of the shirts I knitted before this. One is a knit version of a crochet pattern from Lion yarns. I adapted it quite well, I think. I also knit another pattern with few changes. That is unusual for me. For the one I am going to knit after the current project, I have to order some commercial cotton yarn to supplement the cotton I spun. The pattern called for a mohair and wool blend. For a tank top? Itchy, even here. I cannot wear mohair, either. Again, itchy. I am such a pain in the hinny, no?

Sally is missing our grandson, poor girl. Sally pottied where she should of and minded very well. I need to get a new photo of her soon. Her coat is coming in beautifully. I think her diet that includes organic foods, added vitamins to her meals, good grooming on top of excellent breeding is why she is so beautiful. My daughter laughs at her. She is beautiful with a lovely, feminine name, yet she lays or sits like a total harlot. (laughing)

Gads, I blather. May the rest of the Country get the moisture they need without flooding or damage, the fires be quelled, the temps lower to normal ranges, flooding stop, power comes on... You get the drift. Stay safe and cool.


  1. It can be hard to say nothing when so much is going on. FDR also said, "All we have to fear is fear itself." We all have soapbox moments. Love this post:) Mary

  2. laughing... Thank you, Mary. I can get my knickers twisted easily at times, no? ;)

  3. mmmmmmmmmmm dogma yes and she is cute. people are controlled what this country is a quart of raw goat milk in every fridge, a good old fashioned revolution and put Monsanto on trial.

  4. Sorry to have to break your balloon, but... ADA is not a government agency. It is at best a lobbying group that purports to educate and enlighten. There are thousands here, all trying to influence Congress. Some are good, most are forgettable, a few are downright evil. But again they are not supported by your tax dollars as they are not government agencies.

  5. True, the ADA is not a Gummit agency, but they are getting as much power as one. Same for the AMA. i like to think my tax dollars all go only into the pay of the workers, instead of the rest of the mess. At least they are real people, not plastic entities.

  6. I think your comments are valid but need to be primarily directed toward the members of Congress. Those of us who are trying to do the daily work of the Federal government are appalled at the gamesmanship, finger pointing, blaming, manipulation and other tactics on both sides. And unfortunately lots of people on Capitol Hill want to blame the everyday Government workers and say we are the cause of all the problems. We are no more the cause than your husband was the cause of the increasing crime rate in CA because he worked in corrections. I shake my head sometimes and wonder what happened to the country of my youth. Then I shake my head again because I always said I wouldn't yearn for the 'good old days' - but in many ways I do, now.